Reported for: WPML Multilingual CMS 3.6.0


Events Manager and WPML Compatibility is a bridge plugin that integrates both plugins. However, there are some strings that are still not translatable:

  • Pro Booking forms currently aren’t translatable yet.
  • Pro event booking reminders aren’t translated correctly.
  • Certain placeholders that output extra static text (such as #_BOOKINGSUMMARY outputting price ‘Total’) aren’t fully translated.
  • Recurring events

  • Recurring Events can’t be translated when editing the recurrence template, they must be done one by one i.e. at single event level
  • Recurring events are disabled by default due to the above
  • Location Searching

  • currently autocompleter forces searches for current languages, we may want to change this in the future to search all languages but give precedence to showing the translated version if available
  • MultiSite

  • Event Manager’s MultiSite Global Tables Mode will not work as expected, listing events and locations from other sites will not return the correct items (if at all). This is due to the architecture of WPML vs. EM when in Global Tables Mode.
  • Workaround

    There is no workaround for now.

    Issues will be fixed in the next releases of Events Manager and WPML Compatibility plugin .

    16 Responses to “Events Manager and WPML Compatibility”

    1. Intento abrir una conversación en foros pero no lo consigo. Tengo abierta la sesión.
      Tengo un problema con subir la clave con los plugins de WPML básico. He hablado con Mercedes pero no lo ha conseguido solucionar.
      En unos días expira el tiempo de prueba y si no logro solucionar el problema pediré la devolución del dinero. Gracias.

      • Yes, you can. You need to buy only one WPML subscription and you can use it for all the sites you create, for all your customers.

    2. Hi,

      I’ve got big problems with the Event manager and WPML. One thing to start, we have changed the host for the website. Before when I changed something, it was translated in the website. Now, some fields are in English and some fields are in French (the language of the web page).

      What is it due to and what can I do?

      • Hi Jakob,

        We are actively retesting the compatibility and getting in touch with the author to resolve these issues. I will update you once any of the issues are resolved.

    3. Is there any news to this plugin? It’s now completely broken (tickets are not recognized for translated languages –> no event other than default language can be booked anymore)
      And disabling it means, no translations anymore (need to be registered by hand for string translation) 🙁

      • Hi,

        Sorry for the inconvenience! We should receive an updated version of the glue plugin shortly. Once we get it, we will proceed with testing it. If everything works as expected, we will update this errata.

    4. Hi Everyone! Marcus Sykes here from Events Manager.

      I’d like to confirm that all the issues above have been fixed in our latest updates of the WPML Compatibilty plugin 2.0 and EM 5.9.7

      • Marcus, you may want to edit the “recurring events” section as they appear to be translatable now 😉 (and that’s very good news !)
        Still, it seems that there’s an issue when I translate a recurring event : all is fine in source language (fr) but when I switch to EN (story short) any booking of an occurrence of the event will book all the occurrences in the translated (en) events while we expect only one booking in the single corresponding source (fr) occurrence.
        I’ve made a ticket on EM support but I wonder how deep / if you are supporting this compatibility extension ? In that case I’ll make a support ticket here as well …
        EM ticket here :

        Alejandro and Lauren (+dev team) did a great job lately to help us going out of the dark, hope this problem will be solved as well …