Reported for: WPML Multilingual CMS 3.3.5

Resolved in: 3.3.6


A blank screen appears and after enabling debug mode, the following error appears in the WordPress admin panel:

InvalidArgumentException: element_id and type do not match in \wp-content\plugins\sitepress-multilingual-cms\classes\core-abstract-classes\class-wpml-set-language.php on line 26

It may result in not being allowed access to the Plugins page or WPML admin pages, among other things.

The following error may appear in some configurations:

InvalidArgumentException: element_id and type do not match in \wp-content\plugins\sitepress-multilingual-cms\classes\core-abstract-classes\class-wpml-set-language.php on line 26

These kinds of exceptions were hidden from the user in the previous version. In the long run, however, they might lead to database corruption and we have decided to no longer hide them. Starting from WPML 3.3.5, such exceptions are thrown to allow users to spot the issue immediately. This will make fixing issues with corrupted settings much easier, since they can be caught in their early stage.


Issues may look different on different installations. The issue may:

  • appear in WPML admin pages
  • make it impossible to access the Plugins page
  • occur on WPML (or its addons) activation only
  • occur when posts are being saved

A blank screen appears in every case, with the error appearing with debug mode enabled.


We have released a beta version of WPML: this will be the only fix included in the beta release.

Please note that the beta version may contain other issues and installing it is recommended only when the aforementioned error makes your website unable to be used. If you can wait for the official version, which will be released soon, please do so.

3 Responses to “Fatal error: InvalidArgumentException: element_id and type do not match”

    • Hello Gustavo,

      This issue was fixed in WPML 3.3.6 and everything should work in the 3.3.7 beta version as well. Could you please report the issue using the support forum? There, we will be able to provide faster and better support, adjusted to your specific case – something we can’t do via these comments.