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Reported for: WPML Multilingual CMS 4.4.8

Resolved in: 4.4.9

Topic Tags: Compatibility

Overview of the issue

If you have a page that you initially created in Gutenberg, there may be remnants of Gutenberg blocks inside of it.

This is usually visible if you check with the Gutenberg Code View. To view it, go to the post, click on the 3 vertical dots next to the gear icon, and then select Code Editor. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Alt + M.

This is an example of the content that you might have trouble with:

<!-- wp:heading {"level":1} -->
<!-- /wp:heading -->


As a workaround, you should create a new post and add the contents again, but make sure that they don’t contain Gutenberg blocks.

2 Responses to “Avia Builder - Issue translating content when the elements are wrapped in Gutenberg blocks”

    • Hello Max,
      Yes, it refers to the code tags inside the Gutenberg blocks of the original post. Once they are removed, update your page and translation again.