RaidBoxes hosting installs a plugin that is causing a JavaScript conflict with WPML.

This is what happens:

  • WPML loads first, placing its “onload” event handler.
  • The RaidBoxes plugin loads next, overwriting these event handlers.

Because of this, some buttons in the WPML user interface aren’t working.


The issue was fixed by RaidBoxes on their end and the fix is no longer needed here

You can try using jQuery instead.

Edit the raidboxes-admin-menu.php file found in the ../rb-plugins/raidboxes-admin-menu/ folder and look for the raidboxes_cache_purge_action_js function. Edit this function so that it looks like the following code:

One Response to “JavaScript conflict with RaidBoxes hosting”

  1. Hello there,

    Matthias from RAIDBOXES here.

    This issue is no longer valid, we’ve updated our code on our end, so there is no need for the workaround anymore, please remove this page.

    Kind regards,