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Overview of the issue

Most of the features from the NextGen Gallery plugin are working well with WPML, however, there is a known issue with paginated galleries. The purpose of this errata is to make you aware of the problem and let you know that we are working on resolving it.

If you create a gallery with the NextGen Gallery plugin and you make it paged, pagination will not work for galleries in secondary languages. If a user clicks a link to a gallery subpage, he will be redirected to the gallery in the main language instead.


Galleries without pagination are working without any known problems, so if this is acceptable as a workaround, for now, please consider creating galleries without pagination.

When this issue is fixed, in cooperation with NextGen Gallery’s authors, we will release a new version of our plugins accordingly.

10 Responses to “NextGen Gallery pagination not working with WPML”

  1. I am building a new site and if I go to a page and try to attach a nextgen gallery to it I get the following in the popup box…..
    Fatal error: Class ‘WP_Installer_API’ not found in /home/eh012100/www_rootcomingalong/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/classes/end-user/class-wpml-end-user-loader-factory.php on line 72
    I now have a clean install with only one page, a wordpress them, wpml and nextgen plugins and I still get the same message unless I deactivate wpml

    • Thank you for contacting us.
      This appears to be a compatibility issue.
      A quick fix for you would be if you can go to \wp-content\plugins\sitepress-multilingual-cms\classes\end-user\class-wpml-end-user-loader-factory.php and replace the function is_site_registered() on line 71 with the code here:

      Please do note that this is just a workaround that is only temporary until we investigate the issue more in-depth. You might want to open a new support ticket for that issue in our forum if you wish.

      • Sorry for the delay in replying but I have been sorting it out with your colleagues and I have used your piece of code and it is fine for now, Thanks again Mike

  2. Hi George, I am still working on my new site and have discovered a problem which is maybe linked to the first one I mentioned above and possibly the inclusion of the piece of code I changed, what happens now is when i go to Nextgen and set up a new gallery I name the first gallery 01 Main Build all goes well, then I name the next gallery 02 Main Build or something else, load the images, then when I go to Manage Galleries it has named the 2nd and subsequent galleries 01 Main Build, in fact it names every gallery after the name of the first one, if I disable wpml there is no problem and if I delete all the strings in “plugins-ngg” it also solves the problem, I can get around this by building every gallery in English first then switch on wpml and do the other languages, I thought I had better let you know about this….. Regards Mike

    • Hi George, I have just left a message with Itamar to say that the update seems to have solved the problems I had with regards to Nextgen, well done and thanks for all your help. Regards Mike

    • Hi, Dany!

      Actually, months ago, we reached out to the authors of NextGen plugin. Their initial response was positive but then they stopped replying and we didn’t hear back from them even after multiple tries.

      Basically, this means we are stuck with this issue unless they cooperate.

      My advice would be for you to write to them and kindly ask to get back to us regarding this issue. We will be more than happy to fix this together with them.

      Hopefully, your message will remind them of the issue and move things along.


  3. Hi Dario,

    I did open a ticket with Nextgen gallery, I will keep you posted. Can you tell me a contact email address to give to their developper?


    • Hi, Dany! I am sorry, but I cannot share a personal email publicly here. However, you can tell NextGen team that Konrad from the WPML Compatibility team contacted them about this multiple times in the past. They definitely talked to Konrad before and they will know him. Thanks for your help!