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Reported for: WPML Multilingual CMS 3.2.6

Resolved in: 3.2.7

Overview of the issue

In some cases, there is an issue where the Shop page does not display any products for the default language.

The same issue occurs on the Blog page when using a static page as blog and a static page for home – the posts in the default language are missing (only sticky posts are visible).


The fix is included in WPML 3.2.7.

15 Responses to “No products are visible on the Shop and Blog pages in the default language”

    • We have released the beta version last week and we are almost ready to release the official version. Unfortunately, we can’t promise you any specific date, but we want to release it as soon as possible.

  1. Do you realise how important is to show products for a shop? You must give as at least an ETA about when are you going to release that, especially since reversing to previous version does not work.

    Resolved in version: 3.2.7 ??????? A version that is not out yet… so it’s not resolved at all!!!

  2. 3.2.7 didn´t solved the failure.
    again- main language is german.
    i use for shop avada child theme.

    you know that some people don´t use their shop just for fun.

    • Hi Juergen,

      We have just released 3.3-RC1 and tested once agains this specific issue, before doing so.
      Actually we also retested this with 3.2.7 without being able to replicate the issue.

      If 3.3-RC1 still don’t solve the problem for you, I suggest to create a thread in the support forum, so to properly address this case.


    • Hello David,

      Could you please try with version 3.3-RC2 that was released yesterday? If you still have a problem, please create a ticket on our support forum. We will investigate your particular case, since everything seems to be working es expected on a fresh installation.

  3. I had kind of the same problem. I fix it by going through the woocommerce setting/ products/display. I put my wordpress admin backend in the default language and set up the shop page. By doing this my products appeared in the right page in the default and the other languages.

    Hope it works for you too