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Resolved in: WPML 4.3.15

Topic Tags: Page Builders


We have noticed an issue with some clients for which content created with page builders – including the WordPress native one – Gutenberg – will not appear in translated posts or pages.

Typically, ATE (Advanced Translation Editor) or CTE (Classic Translation Editor) will only show the title for translation.

After debugging we found the cause of this is that libxml – a PHP module — is not updated and its version is lower than 2.7.8.

Its functionality is vital for how WPML translates posts created by page builders.


This library is part of your server settings that are maintained by your site’s host.

Please contact your hosting provider and ask them to update your libxml version – if possible.

For a quick solution you can try and use the Duplication functionality in WPML, then Translate independently and then edit with your page builder of choice the duplicated page.

Note, if your module’s version is higher than 2.7.8 and you still see this message, we will need some more information from you, please follow the following steps:

1. Create a PHP file on the root of your website (call it phpinfo.php or whatever you like)
2. Make sure the file only contains the following code: phpinfo()
3. Open that page from the browser (e.g. http://yourURL.zzz/phpinfo.php)
4. Save the page
5. Add it to the private details comment in our support system
6. Delete the file from your server

31 Responses to “Older libxml PHP module Needs Update on your Server”

  1. Hi,
    after updating WPML the system reports:

    It looks like the libxml extension, which is required by WPML, is outdated. Please refer to this link to know why a more recent version of the module is required: Older libxml PHP module Needs Update on your Server.

    You may need to contact your server administrator or your hosting company to install this extension.

    The server is PHP 7.3 with libxml version 2.9.1. It is therefore newer than 2.7.8.
    What can I do to make it okay, please?

  2. According to the information and configuration of web hosting services, libxml is in a newer version. When detecting the specific web server on which the web is running, libxml is displayed in an older version.
    The problem will probably be on the server. I contacted the administrator to check the current server.

    Thanks so far.

  3. After updating my WP and WPML, I have this issue on two of my websites hosted by two different providers, one Danish-Swedish, and one based in the US. None of them have libxml 2.7.8. On both I have PHP 7.3, but the libxml modules are lower than 2.7.8. None of them can change this for me, and they can not help me. So it seems that your demand that we the users should somehow take care of this is not realistic. Obviously this is not part of some “standard” hosting technical environment as it is not available on these, otherwise very professional hosting services with high technical standards and quality service. I am very unhappy with this, as a long-time user of WPML. I think that this is an unrealistic demand from you, putting this on us – while instead you should find a way that this works (as it use to work). As a result, some of the most important functionalities of the WPML are obviously no longer available for me, despite that it used to work just fine before.

    • Hi, we are looking at a real fix for this issue, we were not sure how popular the use of the older version was. I will update once we have a decision on this.

      • I am certain that you will do your best, as you always do. In the meantime I have this WPML alert about my libxml extension on the top of all my WP administration. Now that I am informed, and until you provide a solution, can I at least get rid of this alert somehow? (as I suppose that the information about the solution will reach me via email anyway)

        Thank you

        • Thanks, Milenko, I rather not offer here a hack to remove the notice, we already have a fix for this issue and it’ll be released with 4.3.15 after it passes testing.

  4. Hello.

    I have a problem since the server I have does not have the elements that are needed to update the version of libxml. This greatly complicates the operation of the WPML in the places where it has been working. The affect update did not work and I had to go back to the old versions. I am annoyed, because this update forces me to change the server sites that I own which is more expensive than what I have paid for WPML, in addition to what I have read, other users have problems still covering the requirements that are needed.

    Please, we need you to solve this problem.

    • Yes, I agree with you – this is not a solution. The real fix is already in testing and will be released with WPML 4.3.15 shortly. I will update here once it’s done.

  5. I must say that I agree with Milenko above. I fail to see the logic of you updating WPML to a problem that I as a developer can’t manage with the normal access that I have to a C-panel on a server. I can’t imagine that very many support staff on webhotells think that their time is best spent on updating the libxml modules, something that they normally dont need to…

  6. I have the same issue as Milenko. My website is hosted by GoDaddy and they cannot help. I have libxml 2.7.6 and PHP 7.3.12. Where do you want me to post the file with the phpinfo() code?

  7. Due to my hosting solution updating libxml to 2.7.8. will SIGNIFICANTLY increase my costs.

    Is WPML 4.3.15 solve the issue just for those with a version of libxml higher than 2.7.8.but that is not recognized?

    Or also for those with a smaller than 2.7.8. version?

    Can you give more detail on the duplicate page workaround??? What name do the duplicated pages need to have so that are recognized as a different language of the same page?

  8. hi i need this to work too , its very frustrating, think I would not have paid nearly 100$ for this if i had know there would be a problem . i have a reseller account with hostgator , there response was upgrade to VP server