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Reported for: WPML Multilingual CMS 4.5.7

Resolved in: WPML Multilingual CMS 4.5.9

Overview of the issue

If you are using some page builders, such as those used by Divi or Flatsome themes, you will notice that if you open the original page and update it, even without adding any change, the translation is overwritten in the front-end with the original content.

However, when you open our Classic or Advanced Translation Editor, the translations are still there. Once you save them, the translations appear again on the frontend.


Our developers are working on it. In the meantime as workaround, you can install the Classic Editor plugin. Alternatively, you can add the following constant in your wp-config.php file:


11 Responses to “Page Builders - Translated content is overwritten with the original when updating the original post”

  1. Hello there,
    we have the same issue with version 4.5.8.
    A lot of texts and pictures are switched back to the original language.
    Are there any news, when this problem will be fixed and with which version?
    One question according to the workaround: if we add the constant to the config file, do we have to use the classic editor?

    Thanks and best regards!

    • Hello @uweM-4,
      There is no need, you can use any of the two workarounds: or apply the constant or use the Classic Editor.
      I hope it helps.

  2. Having the same issue with Elementor. Also revisions will not bring back the correct translations (they appear correct in revisions).

    • Hello @matjazK-4,
      So far we don’t have reports involving Elementor. Have you tried the workaround?
      If you have but the issue remains, it is probably a different situation. In that case, please open a ticket in our support forum so we can investigate it better.

      • It does exactly the same thing as stated above.

        Workaround works but we have a fairly big site that is not translated using Classic/advanced editor (but using Elementor in front-end) and would take a really long time to migrate all back to editors.

        • Have you tried the second workaround? Anyway, if the issue persists, please open a ticket in our support forum as we discussed before.

  3. I have added the code to the php file. But some of the extra field keep their original text instead of the saved translate text. How can I fix this? It is the same extra field each time. I tried to delete the field and implementing a new one. But nothing works

    • If this extra field is a custom field, you need to set it as translate in WPML > Settings > Custom fields.
      If that is not the case, please open a ticket in our support forum so one of our specialists can investigate it.