Reported for: WPML Multilingual CMS 3.4.1

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Select the Show post translation links option in WPML->Languages->Language switcher options.

It is possible to translate the This post is also available in: %s string, but its translations do not display in the front-end.


Our developers are aware of this issue.

Go to WPML->String Translation, enable the Auto register strings for translation option. That would display the translated string.

However this option might slow down your site. Read more at the Auto register strings for translation section of the String Translation document.

6 Responses to “The “This post is also available in” translations do not display”

  1. I need help with 2 issues.

    1. The menu is not the same for English and German. They are not using the same font or colors when switched. I am using the Avada theme.

    2. Contact form 7 for the German language is not working correctly. Nothing is in the message and the message is not being sent to the first listed email.

    Please help.

    • Can you please create threads about these issues in our support forum? We’ll need to see your site, in order to understand the problems.

  2. hello, i have problems to change my site language, (under settings)
    its now English (united states) i can not change it, after refresh it goes to Eglish again (auto).
    my website shows a mix between Dutch and English, if i use the language switcher to English it still shows me the dutch language, if i change to German i see German language.
    how can i make my site English??

  3. Hi,

    Language switcher options this order not work.
    I want turkish, english, russian, french order. I save it but dont work.

    Please fix for me. Thanks.