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After importing content with categories using the WPML All Import, categories are not imported if their translated name is the same as in the original language.

For example:

English Category Name: cat1

French Category Name: cat1

This is a feature limitation of WPML All Import.


  1. Make sure that the translated taxonomies have a different name as the original taxonomies before import
  2. Follow instructions to import here here
  3. The translated category names can be changed back once it is properly imported.

3 Responses to “Translated taxonomies are not imported if they have the same name as the original”

  1. Hello

    I follow the steps and I do import the chinese version of product tags. But they are unlinked (I use a WPML ID as the connector in my separated sheets). The chinese tag will show this is the translation of NONE.

    • Could you ask about this in the support forum? Our support will need to see what you’re doing, possibly get access to your site and help you better there.