Not a bug

Reported for: WPML Multilingual CMS 3.7.0


If you are using WP Engine, you might encounter validation problems with the WPML 3.7.0 release of WPML plugins.


warning: syntax error found in ... /vendor/wimg/php-compatibility/Tests/sniff-examples/ ...

WPEngine hosting runs several checks on the site files.
This check fails to validate one of the libraries included with WPML plugins.

That library (vendor/wimg) is only used for development purposes and was included with the 3.7 release by mistake.


You can safely remove this library if you are encountering this issue.

The library is located in [plugin-folder]/vendor/wimg/.

To remove this library, delete the above directory.

The next version of WPML (and all its add-ons) will not include this library.

2 Responses to “Validation issues of WPML plugins on WP Engine hosting”

  1. Hi,

    the flag (switch menu) appear just in one language, for exemple if i go in italian, spanish Flag appear if i go to English menu spanish flag don’t appear

    Coud uy help me

    Kind regards

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