When you click on the FRONTEND EDITOR button the page will be loaded rather than accessing the Visual Composer front-end edit mode..


To workaround this issue, edit the classvcvendorwpml.php file found in the ../wp-content/plugins/js_composer/include/classes/vendors/plugins/ directory.

Replace the original code:

if ( strpos( $link, 'vc_inline' ) !== false || strpos( $link, 'vc_editable' ) !== false ) {

With the following snippet:

if ( strpos( $link, 'vc_inline' ) !== false && strpos( $link, 'vc_editable' ) !== false ) {

6 Responses to “Visual Composer front-end editor loads page”

  1. Hola tengo un problema, por error acab de activar el duplicar el contenido WPML Media (2.1.22) y he sobrepasado el tamaño de mi base de datos contratada, necesitaría eliminar dicho contenido, ya que no tengo acceso a mi panel de control wordpress

    Ignacio G

  2. Thanks! That appears to have solved my frontend editor conflict with WPML. However, this workaround edit will be overwritten at the next WP-Bakery update, correct? Is there a way to get them to integrate this rather than maintaining notes on how to modify the class file each time?

    I will open with them as well.

    • Hi,

      We are already in touch with WPBakery team in order to implement this fix. This issue will be resolved soon. Please bear with us!