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Reported for: WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency

Resolved in: 4.2.2

Overview of the issue

If you are using WooCommerce 3.1.x version, when you are on the Lost password page and you try to recover your password clicking on the Reset password button, you are redirected to a 404 page instead of the correct one.

Additionally, the link that is emailed to your address is incorrect and leads you to a wrong page.



As a workaround to this issue, download the file on this link, extract it and use the file it contains to replace the class-wcml-endpoints.php file found in the   ../woocommerce-multilingual/inc/ folder.


9 Responses to “WooCommerce Lost-password url is leading to 404 page”

  1. This workaround file corrects the endpoint bug for me on WCML version Previously I had to use WCML version 4.2.0 for password reset processes to work for all languages.

    • Actually, WooCommerce plugin changed their logic for the PW reset, which triggered this issue. Our update for WCML just followed the API changes in WooCommerce itself.

  2. I have just tested this patch on test version of client site that was having issues. It solves the issue mention above with the 404 page. It also solves, in my opinion a much worse issue, where the reset URL in the email is missing the domain name. Making the password reset email useless. It would be good to get this fixed pushed soon as it is impacting store customer functionality.

    • We are aware of this issue and this patch has already been merged with latest WooCommerce Multilingual Beta version available. It is still passing our quality assurance process, and we hope to release an estable WCML 4.2.2 soon.

  3. Hi
    How are you?
    I replaced the file in the php as you recommended and the issue is not solved for me,
    when im trying to press the button for the “lost your password ” in the Hebrew language it doesn’t work at all,
    it doesn’t work even if im trying to install different login logout plugin like as “Theme my login “plugin, it only works in the English language,
    do you know the reason why?
    please help me
    Thanke you very much

    • If this patch does not solve your situation, please open a ticket in our support forum with all the details here provided. We need to take a deeper look in your situation and investigate why it is not working for your.

    • Hi Andres
      Thank you very much for your reply
      I’m trying to find the place to open a support ticket and I can’t find,
      can you please send me a message in my email
      I can send you all the username and password details for the website so you can have a look
      Is this ok with you?