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Reported for: WPForms Multilingual 0.3.5

Topic Tags: Compatibility

Overview of the issue

In some scenarios, when attempting to translate a WPForm form using WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor (ATE), only the form’s title is available for translation. The fields of the form are actually stored in a JSON format and do not appear in the translation interface, although they can be seen when using the search box in ATE.

This situation seems to occur if the WPForm forms are set to Display as translated instead of their default setting.


Please try the following:

  • Go to WPML > Settings > Post Types Translation.
  • Locate the WPForms section and change the setting from Display as translated to Not translatable.
  • Save your changes.
  • If the issue persists with older forms, try re-saving them and re-sending them to translation.

4 Responses to “WPForms - Form Fields Not Available for Translation in ATE and Stored in JSON Format”

    • Hello there,
      It is the case when WPForm forms are set to Display as translated. Have you tried the workaround here proposed?

    • Efectivamente este problema puede aparecer cuando la entrada personalizada WPForms es modificada y puesta como “Display as translated”.
      Si realizaste esa modificación, por favor, sigue los pasos de la solución aquí propuesta.