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Resolved in: 1.1.1

Topic Tags: Multilingual SEO


The admin notice that prompts you to index the site keeps on coming up even after having indexed already.

It happens because only the objects in the current language are indexed.


You can switch to each language clicking the index button.

In the end, the message will disappear.

We are working on a permanent solution and it’ll be tested and released in our next development cycle for the glue plugin.

5 Responses to “[Yoast SEO] The indexing feature only indexes the current language”

  1. Please can you get a better fix for this.

    My symptom is also slightly different. It indexes more than post showing and goes on indefinitely.

  2. Okay thank you.
    And when we use the last version of Yoast with WPML we have these errors :

    [12-May-2020 13:49:12 UTC] PHP Deprecated: WPSEO_Frontend::canonical est obsolète depuis la version WPSEO 14.0, aucune alternative n’est disponible. in /*/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4723
    [12-May-2020 13:55:42 UTC] PHP Deprecated: wpseo_opengraph est obsolète depuis la version 14.0 ! Utilisez wpseo_frontend_presenters à la place. in /*/wp-includes/functions.php on line 5088