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Custom field plugins add extra functionality to WordPress's native custom field option. Learn more about our recommended plugins for this category in the table below. 

Toolset TypesAdvanced Custom Fields (ACF)
Toolset TypesAdvanced Custom Fields (ACF)

Toolset is a suite of plugins that helps build dynamic WordPress sites without coding. Toolset Types makes it easy to create custom functionality using custom types and taxonomy, custom fields and repeating field groups, and post relationships, all without needing a developer.

Advanced Custom Fields allows you to create your own custom fields and display them in posts, taxonomy, media, comments, custom options pages, and more. You can create the field group, add the fields you want, and define the rules for where you want them to appear.

Subscription model
Plugin price$69-299$0-249
Date testedOctober 20, 2020November 26, 2020
Create different types of custom fields (radio button, checkbox, single line, etc.)
Set repeating fields
Create forms for front-end submissions
Set sub-fields within repeating fields
Toolset Types and WPML CompatibilityAdvanced Custom Fields (ACF) and WPML Compatibility

We only recommend plugins that show an ongoing commitment to WPML compatibility. The authors of the plugins featured in the table above work closely with the WPML team on a regular basis to ensure you can build a reliable, multilingual site.

Other WPML-compatible Custom Fields plugins