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WP Go Maps (formerly WP Google Maps) is a recommended plugin thanks to its commitment to continued compatibility and partnership with WPML. WP Go Maps (formerly WP Google Maps) is fully compatible with WPML.

WP Go Maps (formerly WP Google Maps)

– Developed by WP Go Maps

Version 9.0.5

Last tested on: July 5, 2022

WP Go Maps (formerly WP Google Maps) makes it easy to add maps to your posts and pages using shortcodes. It integrates with Google Maps and Open Layers Maps and offers 9 map themes to choose from.

The Pro version allows your customers to get directions and use their current location as a start or end point. You can add descriptions, links, and images to your map markers and choose from different marker icons. WP Google Maps Pro also includes the ability to list your map markers as a list, or in a carousel and basic or advanced table.

It is worth mentioning that translating Marker data is not currently supported – this is expected in 9.1.

Known Issues

There are no unresolved compatibility issues between this plugin and WPML. Search all known issues.