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We’re almost ready with the planned update for WPML accounts. This change will go live during the week (we’re aiming for Wednesday) and will affect clients with yearly subscriptions.

The new plans will offer automatic renewals, so you don’t need to remember to login to your account every year and renew. Of course, automatic renewal is your choice. If you don’t want it, you can disable it for your account.

In the original announcement, we explained that we’ll be setting new limits on the number of sites that each account type offers.

Account name Initial cost Renewal cost What’s included
Starter Multilingual Blog $29 $21
  • WPML core
  • Automatic updates and support for one site
Standard Multilingual CMS $79 $59
  • All of WPML’s components
  • Automatic updates and support for three sites
  • Usage of WPML’s new Advanced Translation Editor* for yourself
Multilingual Agency $159 $119
  • All of WPML’s components
  • Automatic updates and support for unlimited sites
  • Usage of WPML’s new Advanced Translation Editor*
  • for yourself and 3 additional translators

When you bought WPML, there were no limits and we realize that setting these limits now to people who bought before is not a great idea.

So, we will invite everyone with yearly accounts to upgrade their accounts to the new Agency accounts (which have no limits on the number of site). This upgrade will be for free. You will not need to pay anything extra and you will still be able to build unlimited sites. Anyone who takes advantage of this upgrade will lock-in the yearly renewals at $59 and still receive unlimited sites. After this, people who buy new Agency accounts will pay the full price.

Account name Initial cost Renewal cost What’s included
Agency for current clients NA $59
  • All of WPML’s components
  • Automatic updates and support for unlimited sites
  • Usage of WPML’s new Advanced Translation Editor*
  • for yourself and 3 additional translators

This upgrade offer will remain open for two weeks from the time we launch the new accounts system. We’ll send everyone reminder emails, so you don’t miss the upgrade window.

Other Stuff

Media Translation

We’re not happy with the changes that we did to Media Translation and we’re working to change it again. Next week we’ll have an update for WPML which makes Media Translation fully usable again, without having to jump through hoops. I’ll write about it in detail. As part of this change, we’re making sure that you don’t need to take any manual action in your sites. You’ll just need to update WPML and that’s it.

Page Builders

Right after we’re done cleaning the mess in Media Translation, we’re moving to global templates in page builders. We already got what we needed from Elementor team and from BB team. We’ll also be working with Avada, Divi and Enfold. The idea is to easily translate the global elements, so you don’t need to manually recreate them for every translation.


Right now, WPML works fine with Gutenberg, but Gutenberg is evolving (for the better). We’re continuing to adjust our code with every release of Gutenberg. When WordPress 5.0 is out, we’ll be fully compatible with Gutenberg in WordPress.

Feedback? Questions?

We’re very interested in your feedback. Leave your comments and we’ll get back to you.

How can we make WPML better for you?

Share your thoughts and comments about our plugin, documentation, or videos by booking a Zoom call with Agnes, our Client Advocate. Your feedback matters and helps us improve.

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47 Responses to “WPML Accounts System to Update This Week”

    • The option for this complementary upgrade will be available as soon as we update our accounts system. We’re planning to do this on Wednesday. Then, we’ll send another email.

      I wrote about this upcoming change now, so that once we update our system, you know what to expect.

  1. Hello,
    My account will expire in 4 days. I received the notification email, where they indicate that I can update to ‘Agency’.
    So, what do I do first: the update to Agency? or the renewal of the current Multilingual CMS plan?

    • The new account upgrade is not ready yet. It will go live a bit later this week. We’re aiming for Wednesday.

      It doesn’t matter if you renew now or wait for this update. In any case, the updated system will know when you need to renew. The upgrade will offer you to set-up the automatic renewal and will change your account type to Agency. The next renewal payment will be when your account expires. So, if you renew now, the next automated renewal will be in a year from now.

  2. Hallo
    Questions regarding the new Advanced Translation Editor for Lifetime accounts:
    Is the new Advanced Translation Editor included in the Lifetime accounts? When yes for how many people? If no, at what price is it avaiable?

    • Right now, the new Advanced Translation Editor is in beta, so it’s open for everyone without payment. We’ll be moving out of beta and into “commercial” mode in the next few months. Then, we’ll also finalize the policy for clients with Lifetime accounts. I don’t think that we’ll be able to offer it as complementary, but we’ll make sure that pricing is very affordable. The reason is, there’s some cost for us for every user of this editor. One of the major features of the new editor is machine translation. Every time the editor calls machine translation, there’s a small bill.

  3. Thank you for keeping the old lifetime accounts.
    Its becoming so frustrating to pay yearly fees for so many plugins as a freelancer 🙂

    • Try to do a hard refresh on your browser? It’s probably old JS cached. If this doesn’t work, open incognito window. This ignores all previous cache.

  4. I still don’t understand what is now happening with lifetime customers that have unlimited websites.

    Does this mean I now have to upgrade and pay again to have my unlimited websites back?
    And is it one time or yearly?
    You write so many information and still it’s not clear what happens to clients that have an Multilingual CMS for life account with unlimited websites.

    From my point of view, when you make a deal that says you get X included for Y number of websites for unlimited period, than that is the sales agreement we made.
    That is the closed deal.
    One can not change the agreed sales contract after time just because you now need more money.

    If you need to charge more to new clients, sure completely understandable. That’s regular business as it happens everywhere.
    But changing an existing contract is simply illegal. period.

    Looking forward to your feedback.

    • If you have a Lifetime account, you don’t need to take any action now. You get lifetime updates and support and can register as many sites as you want.

  5. Hi,

    So current life time accounts remain free or only free for one year and then 59USD?

    If it doesn’t ramain free, how does one “take advantage for next two weeks” as stated above? 😉

    Thansk in advance,

    • If you already have a Lifetime account, you don’t need to pay anything extra for WPML plugins. You get lifetime updates and support and can build unlimited sites.

      Clients with yearly accounts need to take action now to get unlimited sites without having to pay extra later.

  6. I recently bought the yearly version of WPML with a mind to test it out and then upgrade to the lifetime package. I got an email only 2 days ago saying the lifetime option was coming to an end and before I can even upgrade, the lifetime package has been removed. The lifetime package was one of the reasons I chose WPML over other options and over the course of 2 days it has been completely removed. What kind of business do you run? I am a fan of Toolset and have used it for 4 years now. I presumed the same level of service would be provided by the WPML team, but apprently not. How do I get a refund for my purchase as I no longer trust your company, nor do I want to use your product.

    • We actually wrote several times about this upcoming change in WPML’s account system.


      Each of these went with an email to all our clients.

      The posts were on our homepage, as well as in the blog.

      I’m sorry that you missed these updates from us.

      If you feel that WPML is no longer a good option for your business, let us know and we’ll refund your order, even if it’s from over a month ago. Please go to our refunds page, complete the form and we’ll return your money promptly.

      • Hi Amir,

        I hadnt purchased WPML and wasnt a member in April so wouldnt have received an email. The june one you linked to is the exact one I was talking about that was only 2 days before you then cancelled lifetime membership. So you can see that I purchased WPML with the promise of being able to upgrade to lifetime, and then was sent an email that did not specify a date by which I had to purchase the lifetime upgrade, and then less than 48 hours later I was told lifetime no longer existed.

        It would be hard to disagree that this is very poor business practice indeed.

  7. Hello,

    I have a Standard account and I want to take advantage of the offer os the next 2 weeks. It is to say, I want to upgrade to unlimited sites for 59$. But I don’t see where to do it. When I click to “Renew your account” on the top alert message, it makes me renew the Standard account, but I want to upgrade it.

    Thank you so much

    • Your account should show a big red message to upgrade for a discount. I’m sending your details to our admin to check why you’re not seeing it.

  8. Hi,

    The upgrade account button doesnt work for me too…

    I clear all the cache, and try in incognito window but the button don’t work.

    What I can do??


  9. Hello. I received an e-mail from you with proposal to renew my subscription for 39$. It was mentioned there that it’s possible: “to renew your subscription until July 23rd, 2018”. But then you launched your new pricing policy and now I can’t renew my subscription so it was a kind of… fraud. Now I can’t renew my subscription for 39$ and can do it only for 59$ even it’s about completely another plan. I planed to renew it for 39 on the July 1st, as you can see it wasn’t said anything about it in first e-mail. Also for me your proposal to upgrade looks strange: I am not an agency and I don’t want to upgrade to agency. It’s another business, another requirements. I only want to stay with my standard plan and I really appreciate that it was option to get discount for renew. But at the moment I can’t choose to stay on standard.

  10. Hey, If I upgrade to Agency account at $59, how much is it when the next renewal is coming?
    Is the renew pricing locked at $59 forever?

    • It depends on when you purchased your WPML.

      Let’s consider the following scenario: a WPML user has a CMS 1 year account started in October 2017 and with the expiration date set to October 2018. The user decides to get the special offer for Agency account today. So he or she starts today to get all the benefits of that account type and the next payment for $59 will be charged on October 2018.

      I hope it helps.

      • I know it. This upgrade is free. If I upgrade to an agency account, Then I got the chance to renew my account at $59 on next payment. right? Thank you!

        • Yes. Our system will automatically renew your account, on the day it expires (not on the day you set-up renewal). Each renewal will cost you $59. Of course, you can always disable automatic renewals.

  11. Hi,

    I’ve updated my account in June 27, 2018 to a WPML “Agency for loyal clients”, thats OK, but you send me a email with a a reminder to update my account. Why? Is this email really for me? My account appears updated when I log-in.

    Confirm please everything is fine.

  12. I’m really totally confused. 1st of all I’m not able to track my initial purchase of CMS. Was it Annual renewal or lifetime? Also, what my account and privileges would be if I decided not to upgrade?

    • Hello,
      You have a yearly subscription (CMS) expiring in August. If you decide not to join the special offer to upgrade for free your account will be limited to register a maximum of 3 sites. Take into account the upgrade is free for existing users with an active subscription and the offer ends on July 11th.


  13. Hi,
    I am confused on the receipt it is not stated what I paid for. Do I have renewal or lifetime?
    Best regards

    • Hello,
      you have the Multilingual CMS
      that started: August 30, 2017 and expired: August 30, 2018.

  14. Hi,
    On the receipt it is not stated what I paid for. Do I have renewal or lifetime?
    Best regards

  15. hi,
    i did not log to my wpml account for quite a while so i’am totally surprised by the comprehensive changes of your account system.
    when i bought my account last october it was good for one year and unlimited websites. also you promised that i can update to other plans including the lifetime account. now my account states that i’m limited to one website and when i try to updrade to unlimited lifetime accounts (the option is still visible in my account) i get the message „product does not exist“.

    even though im using wpml just for a small client at the moment, my plan was to upgrade to lifetime as i’m in different jobs and cant take care of ever growing number of plugins with recurring payments i can’t charge my none profit client for…

    i hope you can provide a fair solution, thank you.

  16. hi,

    sorry but I don’t feel very good about it. On 26/2/2018 I’ve bought a yearly subscription for unlimited sites (Multilingual CMS, I think it’s called). 4 months after I am limited to 3 sites only. Any way you cut it, it seems to me like a breach of our agreement. WHY?

    Thank you

    • No worries. We offered complementary accounts to existing clients to unlimited sites. We sent this offer and a lot of clients took it. The offer officially ended, but you probably overlooked these emails. We’ll send it privately to you.

      • Thank you, but…

        the offer you sent me said that the cost for renewal would be $79, not $59 as above (with renewal date the 26th of February). Anyway, I took it. But when I paid for it, the renewal date changed to the 26th of July (that means I lost 7 months if I’m correct…). And still my account says it’s for 3 sites only…

        Please fix