This release fixes a security hole that we found in WPML and is recommended for anyone running older versions.

This post explains what’s changed between the last free version on WordPress.org and the current free upgrade. If you’re already using the commercial versions, just skip this.

As we were fixing bugs going from WPML 2.0.4 to the commercial versions on WPML.org, we found several security issues. Even though newer WPML code goes only on WPML.org, we wanted to issue this release, so that older sites are not left open to potential hacks.

This release addresses these issues and is recommended for anyone who’s still running the older WPML versions. Please note that it doesn’t include bug fixes or changes towards compatibility with WordPress 3.1. The new versions from WPML.org include these changes.

After you upgrade to WPML, you’ll see a prompt that a new version is available. If you’re using WordPress 3.0.5 and you’re happy with the older, free, version of WPML, you’re welcome to stay with it. It’s worked for years and will continue to serve you well.

What’s new in the Commercial Versions

For WordPress 3.1 compatibility, a host of improvements and new features, you’re advised to check out the new commercial WPML versions.

Here is a brief summary of what’s changed and what you get when you upgrade to the commercial versions.

Fully Compatible With WordPress 3.1

This may sound trivial, but it wasn’t. WordPress 3.1 includes new cool features and WPML connects to them to turn them multilingual.

WPML 3.1.2 includes bug fixes, like category URLs going wrong, and supports everything new in WordPress 3.1.

WordPress 3.1 adds features like an internal links dialog, custom post archives and post formats. WPML 2.1.2 turns them all multilingual. You can read more about it in my previous blog post.

Support for WordPress Galleries

Finally, WPML lets you use the WordPress Gallery tags. When you navigate from one image to the other, you stay in the same language. This addresses other problems with incorrect languages for attachments.

Way Better Translation Management

We’re giving a big boost to WPML’s Translation Management features. WPML 2.1.2 already includes the ability to copy the original onto the translations. The upcoming version will also include a DIFF display which shows translators what’s changed in the original, so that they can update translations faster.

Then, for WPML 2.3.0, you’re in for the really big changes. I’ll keep some surprises in the bag without bragging about them now.

Improved Support for Themes and Other Plugins

We’ve been paying special attention to improving compatibility with WordPress themes and plugins. As a result, WPML 2.1.2 runs smooth with popular themes – both free and commercial.

It also runs smooth with major plugins such as WP Super Cache, W3TC, WordPress SEO and other great plugins.

How to Upgrade

WPML now comes in two versions:

  • Multilingual Blog – $29
  • Multilingual CMS – $79

If you’re running a personal blog with WPML, most chances are that the Blog version will be fine for you. This includes WPML core without the String Translation and Translation Management modules. Meaning, you need to translate the theme using its .mo file.

If you’re running a commercial site and using WordPress as your CMS, the CMS version is for you. If includes all of WPML’s components. You can download the parts that you need and fine-tune your site for functionality and performance.

Both versions are available from WPML.org.

Click Here to Purchase

39 Responses to “WPML”

  1. I just updated the free plugin and now my menu is broken:


    I’m using WP 3.1. Suggestions?

    • Here’s is line 41 from FUNCTIONS.PHP

      echo icl_disp_language($l[‘native_name’]);

      Here is line 23 from TEMPLATE-FUNCTIONS:

      function icl_disp_language($native_name, $translated_name, $lang_native_hidden = false, $lang_translated_hidden = false){

  2. I have a small blog uisng WPML free version and currently thinking of buying the WPML multilingual blog but not sure of a few thing. Based on this blog post:

    WPML Multilingual Blog version doesn’t have string translation, is that mean I will not be able to translate widget string anymore ( like i am doing with now with free version)? Also I translate website title tag and meta description (both are important) using string translation. Will I able to do that with WPM Multilingual Blog version?

    Also it seem to me the free version has more features than Multilingual Blog version.

    Advise on these please.

  3. Hi there,
    your free plugin works really fine and it’s definitely the best solution for multilanguage wordpress-based sites.
    There’s only one “bad” thing: the admin panel features english language (not italian as it should be) and i cannot find the way to solve this problem even though the admin default language is set correctly.
    Any suggestion would be appreciated since my client preferes dealing with italian admin panel…
    Thanx for your help.

  4. Hi,

    how can I post questions to the member-forum?!
    Every time I try to submit a topic I get a “Topic not found” error. When I try to post in an existing topic, it just goes back to the topic page and nothing shows up.
    What’s up with that?



    • Akismet (the SPAM filter) might be upset with something that you’re posting.

      Try to remove some links and see if it works.

      • Thanks, Amir. That helped.
        I must say, though, it’s the most useless error message I’ve ever seen.

    • You should enable debug mode and check what the error is. Otherwise, you can find WPML 2.0.4 on the WP download page under ‘other versions’.

      • I have restored version 2.0.4 from my backup and now I have a problem with permalink structure. My site is cookerie.com for english and usual for french is cookeire.com/fr. But now for french is cookerie.com/fr/fr

        I have resave permalink settings to /%category%/%postname%/ like before.

        In Setup WPML – Choose how to determine which language visitors see contents in…

        Is set to : Different languages in directories (http://www.cookerie.com/ – English, http://www.cookerie.com/fr/ – French, etc.)

        How can i remove the second /fr ?

        • It’s a known bug with WPML 2.0.4 and WordPress 3.1. We’ve fixed it in later releases from WPML.org. If you don’t want to upgrade to the newer WPML versions, you can go back to WordPress 3.0.5.

              • I don’t think that WP 3.0.5 is insecure. It is missing some of the new stuff in WP 3.1, but is otherwise a stable and secure release.

                In the long run, it’s better to stay up-to-date, but for right now, it’s fine.

                People will find new bugs and security issues in WordPress and we constantly come up with improvements for WPML, so for the future, it’s a good idea to consider upgrading.

  5. we use WPML in a commercial CMS-type environment, especially for its strong multilingual CMS navigation. Because of our styling ideas, we designed our own language selector. We are restricted to the German, English and Dutch speaking markets in Europe and do the translations ourselves.
    Now, altough we are in the commercial field, we don’t earn very much. We are a bunch of poor guys. So, will it be possible for us to restrict ourselves to the cheaper blog version of WPML and have the same functionality as before?

    • The blog version doesn’t include WPML’s CMS Navigation module.

      You’ll be happy to hear that the upcoming releases of WPML will further strengthen the translation management capabilities. I don’t want to spoil the surprise too much. You’ll see the new features in a few days here on our blog.

  6. Hi, i don’t wan’t upgrade the wpml to a pay plugin, but i have the trouble with double language. It was working ok, but now, i have en/en/ in my english post. How can I delete the second en/ ?


  7. I really think the bug fix for “category and tag URLs going wrong” should be part of the free version as well… it’s core functionality.

  8. Oke, if that is the case why is there the possibility to update to in WordPress 3.1.? If it is not compatible the update message should not be provided.

    Before the plugin was free but the price is now too high in regards to the old free off charge version. I’t seems to me that you’ve got people hooked up to your plugin and now they have to buy it, because the errors wit Telling us to go back to wordpress 3.0 seems stupid. Please give us an normal solution for the problem with category links and don’t hide behind the version we have to buy in order to make it work.

    Yes, your right in asking for money, its was a great product. But this is not the right way to go from free to commercial.

  9. Am I right to say: the days are numbered for both Free Version and Cheaper Commercial (Blog) Version (if the developer not interested to look into it):

    Free verson:
    With such category and tag errors – it don’t look good and not nice for SEO purpose. All previous backlink for tag and categories with other websites and also tag and categories already indexed by Google now return 404 error page. Previous effort went down the drain.

    WordPress shall come with a new updates anytime soon. It’s a regular thing. It going to be a big trouble if similar error crawled to individual post url too (probably with next wordpress updates?)

    Cheaper Commercial (Blog) Version:
    With no feature for string translation, how to translate the homepage’s Meta Title and Description for language other than default. Meta Title is the single most important thing for SEO. Without SEO, it is suicidal.

    Just an opinion.

  10. Hi amir,

    I´m not clear if I had to upgrade form 2.4.1, I had WP 3.1. I´m using string translation, theme translation, i think i´m using ass a CMS. But I´m not clear if I had to upgrade with all the new comercial plugins or only WPML Multilingual CMS. On wp-admin->plugins tell me to upgrade just to that plugin.
    With this upgrade do I loose some translations ?

    Much thanx,

    • Yes, you need to upgrade.

      You should delete the older versions and upload the newer ones instead.

      All translations will remain the same. As with any plugin upgrade, I recommend doing a DB backup before.

  11. Well I tried to deactivate wpml , it resulted in no webpages at all. So I’m stucked with it.

    I’m not happy at all with the way WPML is going. In WP 3.1 major bugs with category and no support, only when we buy the commercial version. Good work Amir, now we are hooked on your plugin, just like drug addicts.

    It’s seems that the only respons you give us is to buy the commercial version. I think open source is not what it was before.

  12. WordPress just released wordpress 3.1.1 today and that upgrade includes security fixes. At this stage, downgrading wordpress to lower version to accomodate WPML is not viable anymore.

    • There are going to be bug fixes and security enhancements in every major and minor release. There are similar fixes in WPML too. when we upgrade versions.

  13. Hi

    This sudden switch from free to commercial was a tactical smart move. First let thousands website owners rely on your plugin then wait for a crucial WordPress update and finally “force” them to upgrade to a commercial, less buggy(?) version in order not to die with the old WP Version. Hmm.

    Sorry, folks, although your plugin seems to be professional, but I can´t accept this kind of commercial (expensive) “hi-jacking” and will switch to another plugin. Good to know that there are egual alternatives.. for FREE
    Good luck 😉

    • I agree with jonassolo!!!!
      Nothing against commercial versions..but to be free for ages and then switching to paid is just not the best way!!! to keep an free – not supported – version would have been an smart move!!!

  14. I made a purchase of the Multilingual Blog and the download link did not appear in my account area – whats up??!

  15. Pls help. I have used WPML before, with previous versions of wordpress and it has worked wonderfully. I have just uploaded a new site which is 3.31 Espanol and it when I try to activate this plugin it crashes the whole system.

    Is this a compatibility issue?



    • WPML forum is open to people who purchased WPML from us. After you purchase WPML, login to your account and click on the ‘support’ link to get back to the forum.