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Finally, after 6 months of intensive development work, we are proudly releasing WooCommerce Multilingual 3.0, which makes multilingual e-commerce sites possible and easy.

This update includes:

  • WooCommerce Multilingual 3.0 – with a complete new everything
  • WPML 2.9.3 – with over 80 improvements and fixes, this covers everything that we ran into for multilingual e-commerce sites
  • WPML String Translation 1.9
  • WPML Translation Management 1.8


My last blog post about WooCommerce Multilingual release candidate, lists all the wonderful things that WooCommerce Multilingual 3.0 will do for your sites.

If you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to look at that post, see the new workflow and how it looks in the GUI. Since the release candidate, we got great feedback from clients and hardly made any code changes.

Here is a quick summary of the new features for WooCommerce Multilingual:

  • Single admin screen that checks the required plugins, translated store pages and all other required steps
  • Consolidated taxonomy translation
  • Consolidated products translation
  • Automatic generation for product variations for translated products
  • Automatic synchronization for translated media
  • Persistent language through the purchase process

Download and Update

The easiest way to get this update on your site is using our Installer plugin. If you prefer, you can also download WPML manually via your account. Remember that everything must be updated.

You will receive an automated update for WooCommerce Multilingual, from the WPORG download page. We are taking down the beta versions from our site. We’ll have them up again when there are new features to test with WCML 3.1.

Next for WooCommerce Multilingual

Immediately after this release, we’ll be working on:

  • Separate currency and payment gateway options, based on customer country (instead of language, as it’s today)
  • Complete support for product bundles and other advanced WooCommerce features

Exciting times ahead!

Need our Help with Multilingual E-Commerce Sites?

We want to be more involved in building multilingual e-commerce sites. If you have a project and want our help, please let us know. We can take the entire e-commerce functionality. We’ll build it for you and help you run the site. Use our contact form to send inquiries.


If you have any suggestions or ideas, please leave your comments here. For technical support, the best place is our forum.

18 Responses to “WooCommerce 3.0 and WPML 2.9.3 Released”

      • Hassan, I’m sorry for being slow.

        WPML 2.9.3 doesn’t include any new feature. There is a very long list of internal changes, but they are mostly all geared for the needs of multilingual e-commerce sites. For example, WooCommerce registers the slugs of the store pages using PHP, but the GUI allows you to enter a slug, while the admin language is not English. This created all sorts of complications for URL rewrites.

        It’s pretty difficult to list these internal changes and explain them one by one. The bottom line is, that WPML 2.9.3 includes mostly internal changes, aimed to make URL rewrites more flexible and support the required structures of e-commerce sites.

        One thing that is new in WPML 2.9.3 is the centralized taxonomy translation. If you go to WPML->Taxonomy translation menu, you will see a new table with all the taxonomy in your site. This is a useful tool by itself, but most of its power is for e-commerce sites.

        Other issues, related to compatibility with our Toolset plugins, are going directly to Types and Views, so they are not mentioned here. Types 1.5 includes several fixes for repeating fields translation and sync and Views 1.4 includes some fixes, as well as many new features. Since these go to Types and Views, I’ll write about them when these new versions are out.

        Does this help?

        • Yep, thanks.

          Just wanted to make sure you haven’t forgotten to mention a changelog. I think I have an unhealthy obsession with changelogs; cannot update anything without knowing the changes 😛

  1. Hi. I have an e-commerce site based in India and use woocommerce only in Indian Rupee(INR). Now, I want to expand to the rest of the world, by offering them to pay only in USD. So Indian customers(INR) and customers from rest of the world(USD) should have different pricing set.
    Is it possible to do that with this plugin? Or should I wait for the next version?

    • This is a typical request that we are getting. We are just now working on a solid solution for multiple currencies. In our testing, it’s working fine. The solution uses PHP hooks to automatically adjust the amounts in different currencies. The idea is that you don’t need to manually manage the different pricing, but can set rules and rounding between Rupee and other currencies.

      Immediately after this, we are also going to add an option to limit payment processing and currencies per billing country.

      If you need this solution, you can get started right now with the current version of WooCommerce Multilingual. You will have some work anyway in converting your store to multilingual. We’ll publish the instructions for multi-currency in a few days.

  2. Is this bug fixed:

    Content in original language is overwriting second language when it’s edited (Custom Post Types)?

    • We’re planning to do this next. Right now, we are ironing out a few non-critical issues with WooCommerce Multilingual. Then, we already have partial implementation for better multi-currency support and we’ll be working on different checkout options per country.

        • More than safe. We need this for a few multilingual e-commerce sites that we are building right now. For starters, we are adding this functionality using PHP hooks, without GUI. We’ll make sure that everything works as needed and then add a nice GUI around it.