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We just released WPML 4.6.4 and WooCommerce Multilingual 5.2.0. Driven by your valuable feedback, these updates introduce improvements and features designed to make the experience of creating a multilingual WordPress website faster and better. 

We fixed the common pain points, improved stability, enhanced performance, and modernized user interfaces.

WPML: Full PHP 8.1 Compatibility

WPML 4.6.4 brings full support for PHP 8.1, the current standard for running modern websites. Compared to previous versions, PHP 8.1 is faster, more secure, and more efficient with memory.

Up until now and including this release, we maintained WPML’s compatibility with the older PHP 5.6 version. However, going forward, from the next release, we may have functionalities that will be incompatible with PHP 5.6.

If your server is still running PHP 5.6 version or older, we strongly recommend updating your site to PHP 7.0 or newer.

WPML: Alert When Automatic Translation Can Cost a Lot

WPML’s Translate Everything Automatically mode simplifies your translation process. However, sometimes you’re about to automatically translate a lot of content that you’re not aware of.

WPML 4.6.4 checks if the amount of automatic translation is large and notifies you about it. This is the first step in helping you know how much you’re about to spend translating your site. In the next releases, we’re going to not only warn against high usage, but give you an accurate cost for translating the entire content of your site.

WPML alerts you when automatic translation will cost a lot

WPML: Easy Process for Moving Sites Between Development, Production and Staging

When the address (URL) of your site changes, it may mean that you’ve just changed its address, but oftentimes, it means that you’re running separate development, production and staging environments. WPML 4.6.4 helps manage different copies of your site a lot easier by taking care of your translation memory and credits for automatic translation.

WPML 4.6.4 introduces a new migration wizard to guide you through this process, providing you with clear steps and explanations along the way.

WPML initiates a migration wizard when your site’s URL changes

WPML: Enhanced Compatibility with Elementor

Elementor recently introduced new features, elevating the page-building experience. WPML 4.6.4 adds full support for the new Loop Carousel and Loop widgets.

However, a recent release of Elementor also introduced some compatibility issues with WPML. As part of our dedication to seamless integration, we resolved these in WPML 4.6.4:

  • Enabled the translation of media for the Multiple galleries type in the Elementor Pro Gallery widget
  • Added a fix for a bug that caused a PHP notice to appear when using the Add to Cart button for WooCommerce products in templates
  • Fixed the display conditions for popups translated using the Translation Editor
  • Fixed an issue where the category in the URL was not translated when using an Elementor template to display a single post
  • Fixed issues with automatically translating basic widgets

Additionally, we fixed some issues related to using the Translate Everything Automatically mode with Elementor.

WooCommerce Multilingual 5.2.0: Wizard Makeover and Multicurrency Enhancements

WooCommerce Multilingual 5.2.0 brings you a revamped, user-friendly setup wizard that makes it easier than ever to run a multilingual WooCommerce store.

The revamped WooCommerce Multilingual setup wizard

Key highlights of this release include new multi-currency features:

  • Auto-formatting of secondary currencies: For every secondary currency that you add, WooCommerce Multilingual sets locale-specific details like the currency position, decimal separator, and number of decimals.
  • Search by currency code: Easily and quickly add secondary currencies by searching by the currency code, for example PLN instead of Polish Zloty.

Auto-formatting of secondary currencies

Search Currencies by currency code

With this latest update, you can additionally enjoy compatibility with WooCommerce’s new High Performance Order Storage (HPOS) feature. 

WPML and WCML: Fixes and Improvements

WPML 4.6.4 comes packed with a range of performance upgrades, leading to faster query times and a more efficient translation process for big translation jobs and content translated in bulk.

If you run a multilingual WooCommerce store, you’ll be happy to know that WPML 4.6.4 improves issues related to term translation. These improvements minimize queries and significantly boost performance.

For the full list of improvements and bug fixes, please see the WPML changelog.

Last but not least, WooCommerce Multilingual 5.2.0 comes with fixes related to:

  • Displaying categories and product variations
  • Endpoint slug translations
  • Other bugs related to different issues

For a full list of what’s included in this release, please see the WooCommerce Multilingual changelog.

Updating to WPML 4.6.4 and WooCommerce Multilingual 5.2.0

As with all of our releases, we are rolling these updates out gradually. To get these versions right away, head over to Plugins → Add New on your site, click the Commercial tab, and hit the Check for updates button.

If you don’t see the updates available immediately, please try again later, as it may take some time for them to propagate to all WPML-powered websites.

Thoughts, Feedback?

Your feedback helps us understand your needs better and inspire our future updates. Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts on these releases!

How can we make WPML better for you?

Share your thoughts and comments about our plugin, documentation, or videos by booking a Zoom call with Agnes, our Client Advocate. Your feedback matters and helps us improve.

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19 Responses to “WPML 4.6.4 and WooCommerce Multilingual 5.2.0 – Elevated User Experience and Performance”

  1. Great, can’t wait to check it out. We use ACFML extensively. Will it be updated soon? In that case I would rather wait for its release to update WPML itself.

    • Hi Alexandre,

      We released ACFML 2.0 not long ago and added a lot of new features and improvements to the workflow in this version. Since then, we’ve also released small updates to ACFML with improvements and minor fixes, which are all outlined in the ACFML changelog. Are you running the latest version of ACFML or is there anything in particular you would like to see addressed in a future ACFML update?

      I’d also like to add that our team extensively tested WPML 4.6.4, so it is safe to update to WPML 4.6.4 on your ACF and ACFML powered website.

  2. Hello,

    Thanks for this great update.

    What we would like to see very much is further increased compatibility with Elementor in terms of recognizing internal links and automatically updating them. Even in the text widget of Elementor it currently fails to recognize internal links and update them. This would really save a lot of time and frustration when using WPML.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Goort,

      Thank you for your comment. WPML recognizes internal links and updates the link to point to the right language, so long as a translation for the linked page exists. This is also the case with internal links added to Elementor’s widgets, including the text widget you mentioned.

      Please contact our support team and let them know about the issue you are experiencing so that they can take a close look and see what is causing it.

  3. Hi,
    I report here almost the same message I have in the support ticket. (

    yesterday I received you mail Kathy (thank you for contact me and support) that your WPML team you released a new version, 4.6.4 and 5.2.0 for WooCommerce Multilingual. I installed it immediately and I tried to work with the our site. I notice a little improvement in some use cases but the issue remain: if I use the site a little bit intensive, the admin page doesn’t work anymore for a some time if your plugin is active. In some cases the site go down and I need to restart the server.
    For an intensive use I mean for example a sequence of translation (ten each time) repeated for 5 or 6 times after they finish the previous sequence, or for example update some product in batch with WP All Import or Woocommerce Rest API…
    The server has a lot of CPU available when I’m facing these issues…
    So in my case, unfortunately the main issue is not solved

    • Hi Daniele,

      Thank you for reaching out and sharing your support ticket. I’ve forwarded the details of your issue to our development team and can confirm that they are aware of it. Initially, we aimed to resolve your issue in WPML 4.6.4 but couldn’t include it. However, a fix for this issue is on our roadmap. Our next update focuses on the compatibility of WPML with the upcoming WordPress 6.3, we aim to resolve your issue in the update after that.

  4. Hello, does this come with Sticky Links and CMS Navigation updates too? because Wordfence is telling me since a lot that they appear “abandoned”, thank you

    • Hi Claudia,

      Thank you for your comment and for letting us know about the alert that Wordfence is showing you. I have passed this information on to our development team and I have confirmed with them that WPML 4.6.4 does not come with updates to Sticky Links and CMS Navigation. However, I can assure you that both of these plugins have not been abandoned by us and are safe to use. Have you been experiencing any issues with either plugin? If so, please let us know – our Support team will be happy to help you.

      • Hello thanks for answer. No, I don’t experience any issue, I’m only letting you know.

  5. Hello WPML team,

    Is the latest version of WCML compatible with WooCommerce HPOS?
    I’ve read that this will become the default in august.
    Thank you for the info!

    • Hi Manu,

      Thanks for getting in touch! WooCommerce 5.2.0 is indeed compatible with WooCommerce HPOS.

      • Thank you for the clarification! It is still showing up under the tab of plugins not completely compatible with some WooCommerce functionality, so I had to ask.

  6. Glad to see you’re keeping up to date with Elementor. But it would be nice if you also one day fixed the bug that causes Elementor to say “you are not connected to a license, please connect to your license” (or something similar). It has been there for years and years. (I run several Elementor sites without WPML and this issue never occurs on those non-WPML sites.)

    • Hi Per,

      Thanks for your comment and letting us know about this bug you’re experiencing. You mentioned that it’s been there for years – have you by any chance already opened a ticket about this in our Support forum? If you haven’t, could I please kindly ask that you do? By providing our supporters with more details about the exact notice, where it appears, when it appears, and your setup, our team can better understand this issue and ultimately work towards resolving it.

  7. Hi Kathy,

    Yes and no. I it has indeed been there for years and I have raised it with the Elementor support people. They have responded “it’s a known bug”.

    Since knowing if the issue is with Elementor or WPML is hard (impossible) for a simple user I have simply assumed that there is an active dialogue between these two world-leading WordPress plugin companies. So I have not reported it to WPML, assuming it is already being discussed, since it is know by Elementor.

    The next time it happens, I will report it to WPML too. (It happened again this morning so it is too late to document it now, this time.)

  8. “WPML 4.6.4 brings full support for PHP 8.1….”


    just being curious, but is there a technical reason for PHP8.1?
    Active support for 8.1 will end soon, and then goes into a final year of security patches.
    PHP8.2 had been released 7 months ago, and will get active support from now on.

    And second question, will WPML and PHP8.2 give me issues if I want to move my websites to PHP8.2 this year?

    Thanks for any answers,

    • Hi Rob,

      Thanks for getting in touch!
      The decision to adopt PHP 8.1 was primarily driven by its alignment with our development schedule.
      I’ve passed your question about PHP 8.2 on to our development team. As soon as I receive more information, I’ll get back to you with a more accurate estimate of when we will officially support PHP 8.2.

    • Hello!
      In our blog post above it is explained that there are improvements in the performance of some queries related to taxonomies. As WooCommerce uses terms like categories, tags, and attributes – which are integral parts of the product’s post type, then upon visualizing a product, there is a request for these taxonomies. Therefore, the new improvements will also enhance the performance of displaying products and improve the performance of your multilingual WooCommerce store.