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We make our living from WordPress, so once in a while we take our head out of the sand and look around. As part of a different research that I was doing, I stumbled upon a big warning light.

Try it, to see what I’m talking about:

Even though WordPress powers 25% of the Web, WordPress is nowhere to be seen in any of these results.

Today, clients find WordPress because Web agencies use and recommend it. But when clients already come to agencies with another platform in mind, this can quickly change. It’s happened before to other ex popular platforms.

The only way to reverse this trend and put WordPress back again in the mind of prospects is by getting together.

We’re trying to do our bit by launching a new WordPress Marketing podcast.

Are you interested in helping? Please leave your comments with your thoughts.

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381 Responses to “Marketing In WordPress Sucks. Will You Help Fix It?”

  1. If you ever wondered why WordPress is losing momentum just read the following ENTIRE Gutenberg contribution (among many other articles out there) over at GitHub and on (see links below).

    Over at the Gutenberg ivory tower, you will experience ignorance and foolishness of the responsible Gutenberg team at its best as they simply neither listen to nor care about concerns of the WordPress community.

    In case of WPML, it should only be in WPML’s best interest (Amir was eventually asking what can be improved for WordPress and WPML) to have a serious word/discussion with those nerdy Gutenberg guys regarding their planned and forced introduction of Gutenberg on the entire WordPress community.

    Oh, and yes, if you carefully read through the ENTIRE contribution you’ll even find proposed and logical steps to be taken in order to avoid a mass WordPress grave/exodus:

    Furthermore, find below the current Gutenberg user rating (which clearly reflects all the justified concerns of the WordPress community and which says more than any political blabla):

    Looking at the current Gutenberg rating (2.7 out of 5 stars) as well as considering the current development stage of Gutenberg (bugs as far as the eye can see)…

    …and the fact that the Gutenberg boys want to force something half the community simply rejects due to justified concerns) is nothing short of megalomania and is therefore headed for disaster.

    Using Gutenberg at its current stage is equivalent to boarding a semi-finished airplane. Good luck on the Titanic!..


    • Gutenberg is a controversial subject today in WordPress. I’m sure that we all understand the drive for it. There are different opinions about how it’s implemented and how it’s introduced. Personally, I wouldn’t merge into core a plugin with an average rating below 3.

      WordPress, like every other platforms, has its fare share of technical challenges. Other people also raised performance, security, integration and other subjects.

      Don’t think that other platforms don’t have technical challenges. We’re just a lot more familiar with the technical issues of WordPress because we work with it every day.

      My concern here is that we’re ONLY focusing on technical development and not enough on marketing. We shouldn’t think (in my opinion) that we can hold off all marketing efforts until we’re 100% satisfied with the technical development. The development is always going to be a big compromise between many different needs and desires.

      However, this is no excuse for being completely passing on the marketing of the platform from which we make a living.

      Does this make sense?

      • I agree that there must be absolutely different opinions out there. No doubt about that. It’s called democracy.

        However, I strongly disagree on any communist model, in this case it’s called “Gutenberg”, which is about to be unleashed and forced upon the entire WordPress community by some nerds who are simply out of touch with reality as they simply ignore user concerns (2.7 out of 5.0 stars for the Gutenberg rating? You got to be kidding me!). Who in their right mind would EVER release a semi-finished product with such a low rating which has the potential to take down thousands of websites and E-Commerce sites around the world?!…No wonder WordPress is losing momentum!…

        Let me give you some insights by asking you the following two simple REAL WORLD questions:

        1) Would YOU as an E-Commerce owner be willing to install a semi-finished piece of crap like Gutenberg (= full of bugs!) if you had responsibility over thousands of products with thousands of customers worldwide as well as your employees with their families who are depending on an income to nourish their families? Hardly!

        FYI: Current Gutenberg Bug List (currently, there are 759 open issues = bugs!):

        AGAIN: The last thing you need are some nerds from around the block who don’t know anything (and don’t care at all!) about the REAL WORLD but having the arrogant guts to force you to take over a complete underdeveloped Gutenberg piece of junk. This sort of behavior damages the reputation of WordPress and is set for a complete disaster as many WordPress users simply will abandon this CMS! Or do you really think users will keep playing along with this complete irresponsible conduct of Gutenberg business?

        And no, we users don’t want to install yet another plugin just to make sure that Gutenberg is deactivated. I must be the other way around as every additional plugin installed poses additional bug risk and is slowing down the entire site! In other words: Let users decide whether they want to install Gutenberg. Thus, stop patronizing them and let them decide what they want to install. Period!

        2) Would YOU be willing to board a semi-finished (= current Gutenberg version) airplane? If so, don’t forget to board the airplane with a parachute…

        I am looking forward for your concise answers. And please answer each question separately.


        • Like I said, if I was responsible for Gutenberg project, I’d do some things differently. Most likely, I’d make my own fair share of mistakes on the way (but different mistakes).

          However, my point is that we should not let a debate about Gutenberg yes/no/how/why/when affect our motivation to promote the platform. If we decide to express our opinion about Gutenberg by demoting WordPress, we’re only going to damage ourselves.

          • Hi Amir,

            I was just hoping you could put some pressure on the Gutenberg guys to reverse course before a lot of (irreversable) damage will occur which in turn will lead to unintended consequences for the entire WordPress community.


          • Sorry to butt into a conversation. But, question, if we have numerous concerns about a platforms and we believe it will cost us much more time and effort to manage sites on that platform. Why would we promote it?
            Failures would be not only embarrassing but potentially costly.

  2. היי אמיר, או עמיר,

    פנית אלי במייל נרגש שהמתחרים נושפים בעורפך ושאכנס לקישור שבמייל לעשות משהו.
    אין לי שום סיבה לסייע לכם.
    על סוג המוצר שלכם, ואיכותו אפשר עוד להתווכח,
    אבל לגבי איכות השרות שלכם, (כן, קניתי רשיון לכל החיים) לצערי אין מה להתווכח.

    לא ניתן להשיג אתכם, לא ניתן להשיג אותך, דמות עלומה שגם כשכבר מצאתי אותך בפייסבוק אתה לא עונה.
    כל ההתקשרות איתכם היא דרך הפורומים שבהם צריכים להציב שאלה ולחכות.

    חברה מודרנית בלי כל אמצעי גישה ושרות נורמליים ללקוחות, היא לא ספק שרות מבחינתי.
    אכן, את האתר החדש שלי אני בונה כך שלא אצטרך להסתמך עליכם ועל (אי) השרות שלכם.
    אולי למתחרים שלכם יש שרות טוב יותר.

    זה מגיע לנו, הלקוחות.

    • שלום טל,

      יש לי חשבון פייסבוק אבל אני לא נכנס אליו הרבה. פנית דרך התמיכה הטכנית שלנו ולא קיבלת תשובה? אם זה המצב, שלך לי בבקשה לינק לפניה שלך ואבדוק מה קרה שם. התמיכה הטכיות שלנו היא כאן:

      שלב ראשון מחפשים, שלב שני פותחים פניה חדשה.

      התמיכה שלנו דרך הפורום נועדה לתת שירות טוב ויעיל. בפורום הטכני יש לנו את הכלים לתקשר בצורה מאובטחת ולעקוב אחרי פניות. את זה אנחנו לא יכולים לעשות בפייסבוק.


      • אם אנחנו כבר עוברים לעברית, אז יש לי גם מילה או שתיים להגיד לאמיר וגם לטל:

        כיוון שגם הפרנסה שלי תלויה בוורדפרס, אני מסכימה לחלוטין וחושבת כבר זמן מה שבסופו של דבר פלטפורמות אחרות שמקלות על השימוש יעקפו בסופו של דבר את וורדפרס, אלא אם כן השימוש בוורדפרס יהפוך להיות פשוט וקל יותר.
        וטל, אני מבינה את התסכול שלך, כשיש בעיה ולא מקבלים תשובה זה מאוד מרגיז וקשה. עם זאת, אני רוצה רק לומר שכבר בניתי הרבה מאוד אתרים עם
        ושפעמים רבות הייתי זקוקה לעזרה ותמיד קיבלתי אותה, בזמן קצר וברמה גבוהה, כך שהחוויה שלי מאוד שונה משלך ובתור מי שמשתמשת כבר שנים בוורדפרס, אני רוצה לחזק את ידיהם של כל העושים במלאכה.
        אמיר, באפן פרקטי, מה אתה חושב שניתן לעשות כדי לשפר את המצב? אני חושבת שזה מורכב למדיי כיוון שוורדפרס ואינסוף החברות והא/נשים שמפתחים עבורה אינם גוף אחד, כמו כל חברה אחרת שמציעה מערבת אינטגרטיבית ו”מוגבלת”. הכח של וורדפרס, בהיותה מערכת קוד פתוח וחינמית היא גם החולשה שלה בבואנו לשוק הפתוח, כיוון שאין משאבים לעסוק בשיווק. מאיפה אמור לבוא הכסף, כאשר המערכת חינמית?
        אשמח לשמוע את הצעותייך, בשמחה גם באנגלית כדי שגם אחרים/ות יהנו מהמידע…
        תודה על הכל,

        • WordPress project owns one of the most authoritative websites – However, this website has NO MARKETING CONTENT.

          I think that we should:
          – Contribute good quality to
          – Collectively, nudge the site admins to listen to us and publish that content

          This will achieve a lot with very little effort. If this cannot happen, we’ll need to come up with Plan B.

      • אמיר –
        יתכן ואתה מפספס את הנקודה ויתכן שגם את הפוסט הזה שפורסם לפני שנה (ושלושה שבועות) והואיל וכמו שכבר ציינתי, התקשורת היחידה איתכם היא באמצעות פורום תמיכה ולא באמצעים נגישים, ונורמליים,
        אין לי אלא להעתיק פוסט את הפוסט, כי לצרף תמונה באמצעי תקשורת זה, נראה שאי אפשר.

        “למישהו יש מושג כיצד אפשר להגיע ל-Amir Helzer, אשר עומד מאחורי החברה אשר פיתחה את התוסף WPML ל-WordPress ?

        זה לא שלא ניסיתי להגיע לחברה, לאחר שלפני שנתיים וחצי קניתי רשיון לכל החיים, לפנות במייל (אין), טלפון (אין), במסנג’ר פה (אין תגובה) וגם הצעת חברות שנותרה ללא מענה. הכתובת הפיזית היא בכלל בהונג קונג.

        כן, יש פורום, אבל תקלה עליה דיווחתי לפני כמעט שנה נותרה ללא מענה, בינתיים זה גם גורלו של אותו דיווח שהצבתי היום.
        פשוט מזה למעלה משנה אני לא יכול להשתמש בתוסף כי הוא ככל הנראה מעמיס על שרת האחסון עד כדי הפלת האתר על ידם פעם ברבעון.”

        נילי –
        1. פרנסתך תלויה ב-WPML וב-WP, שלי לשמחתי לא.
        2. כוונת דברי היתה שמתחרים WPML יעקפו אותם, ולא פלטפורמות מתחרות ל-WP, וזאת דווקא בשל כל האמור בסעיף 1 ובהודעה הקודמת שלי.
        3. המערכת של WP אולי חינמית, אבל הרשיון של WPML הוא תמורת תשלום. עליו שילמתי, אך כאמור יש לי השגות לא רק לגבי המוצר, אלא בעיקר לגבי השרות, התמיכה, והיכולת להגיע למשהו שנראה כמו “מחלקת שרות לקוחות”.

  3. The biggest problem is Shopify. It’s so easy to use for beginners, it pretty much ready to go. But, it’s so limited (a box within a box) and every plugin cost.

  4. We do our very best to develop WPML. We’re not perfect. Last I’ve seen, MS Windows and Android also have bugs and they release patches on a monthly basis. This doesn’t mean that we cause bugs on purpose. It means that marketing shouldn’t be a captive of bug fixes.

  5. One issue is the numerous amounts of “boutique” DIY website builders that offer SEO, blog, and CMS essentials. They are technically inferior but also do good enough to capture a lot of small businesses. Wix, rainmaker, Shopify capture small businesses because they communicate their offerings better.

  6. In my opinion, there is no longer a clear target group for WordPress. As an open source project, it originally attracted bloggers and web beginners with no budget and low income.

    In the last couple of years, a wave of commercialization has spilled over the plugins. Above all, subscription models are in great demand, because Amazon-style sales tools are not sold, but rented and rather bind users and force them to constantly generate income. Thinking in terms of growth.

    Apart from the fact that I generally do not consider this to be modern and sustainable, the target group is also the wrong one. The previous target group is looking for new simple low budget solutions, the big players buy ready-made solutions and don’t tinker with 20 uncoordinated and eventually expensive plugin manufacturers.

    And website developers are forced to sell websites with operating costs that have nothing to do with their own work. Small customers then also migrate to ready-made offers, where the cost structure is simple and clear.

    • Thank you Wolfgang for your insight. For a better background, can you tell what you are doing with WordPress?

  7. Marketing isn’t the issue.
    Of course we could attempt to lure our customers, but the current ranking just reflect the reality. WordPress is a mess.

    In a world of Click and Go, multi media and channels, the by default WP interface traps the customer in an old school way. Just take a look of the limited Media interface, when 70% of content is visual …

    As long as you expect to deliver some professional service, you have to dig in the plugins nightmare. Even for professionals, swimming in the long list of buggy alternatives. Each bad plugin experience is a bad WP experience, I’ve mine each month and can’t imagine how rookies perceive that.

    Indeed, I like WP, it’s an amazing tool. But the reality is, most of my WP business come from customers with issues. They complain about their webmaster, unable to fix some point. WP is complex and require competences.
    Half of them prefer to quit for some click and go solution, because hiring the right partner is out of budget.

    So no, Marketing isn’t the answer. WP and his ecosystem need a serious improvement.
    Don’t attempt to lure customers with some fancy message.

      • Most of basic needs match with online serivces like Wix or Shopify. From a business angle, the main issue is the UIX, the lake of continuity and unpredictable maintenance cost generated by plugins is the second cause …

  8. I created some website with wordpress and creating with wordpress, is very easy and fast.
    but nowadays wordpress is complicated and is not as easy as its old versions.
    now we should use many plugins and most of them is not free and are complicated too.
    so after creating website was finished, the menu as very big and large with many submenu and……
    it is correct that we can do anything with it, but this make wordpress harder to learn and use for clients and price is not as before.

    • Why do you need so many plugins today when before you could build great sites without all these plugins?

      • Our world is Multimedia and social now. The Media manager is a joke and social services connection pass by plugins only.

        With an advanced gallery plugin, due to some buggy updates, the service is down 3 days/year, cost me one day of support with the editor. This customer’ stress and extracost don’t exist with online services, but are common in the WP ecosystem …

  9. Hi,

    I am a marketer and have no code knowledge. I worked in a big corporation and decided to launch my business. I am know helping small businesses building the right presence online.

    I have worked with most of the platforms offered on the market : Wix, Shopify, WordPress, Prestashop, etc… to build website for my clients.

    My thoughts :
    – outside of very simple tasks, such as implementing a template as it is and changing content, they are not EXTREMELY simple, the moment you want to translate, etc…
    – their key point of difference is indeed the CMS, clear, simple, made for actions. WordPress’s CMS is old fashioned and poorly practical.
    – Except Squarespace and Wix, other platforms i have tried, offer plugin as well, which is also similar to WP in the sense we don’t have a unified UX.

    So, after 2 years working like this, I have taken a decision to build my own interface using WP and popular plugins for my clients. This interface is made to give practical advice on key areas of digital marketing and manage the best tools available.

    For me, you will see it on our website, it is necessary to simplify the journey of our customers to fight with these platforms. so providing detailed marketing how to guides is key. Second, using the flexibility of WordPress to serve all needs is a key point of difference vs. these platforms, their innovation pace cannot be as fast as a community of thousands/millions developpers.

    For me, this is raising the question of the business model, as developing a website is becoming a commodity, what is your added value in the chain and how we split revenues between those who developped functionalities and those selling websites/features in order to continue to have a vibrant community.

    Anyway, I am all in to take my part as a marketer and join forces.

    More info on our website (but in French until we translate it with WPML :-)).

    Have a good day.


    • What you’re saying makes perfect sense. You summarized a lot of the benefits of using WordPress over hosted solutions.

      Your comment has 330 words. Do you know that this is more content than appears on the homepage of ? We practically have no material on WPORG which explains why people should choose it.

      Does it make sense that we lobby to change this situation?

      • Well, I have not built enough understanding of the WP ecosystem to really understand if the solution is to lobby or not.

        I believe we are indeed at a turning point, where Wix itself gathered on Q1 2018 213K paying users (up to 3.5MM now) and it is flooding the web with ads building awareness.

        I would not be looking “internally” (inside the .org) right now, but more externally.

        I would break down the ecosystems in 3 groups:
        1- the team building the core (ie. .org) = they will always be at their own pace and focus on long term / deep features
        2- the developer/agencies that developed theme and plugins. I am talking about the 20% of them that makes 80% of the revenues/downloads
        3- Agencies/developper/designers that sell websites to clients and build them using WP. they do the commercial job and contribute to WP awareness.

        I believe, what changed is the 3rd group is facing the competition first and has little to no incentive to stay with WP because it is i) an old fashioned CMS, ii) the plugin/theme environment UX is not unified, iii) bugs and maintenance costs are high (close to 0 for Wix for instance) and iv) financial incentive is low.

        Honestly, the only reason why my solution (Tremplin) is using WP and not Wix is because Wix is not open to 3rd parties, otherwise I would have used them.

        For me, the challenge for the community is around helping this group (“the sellers”) to fight against with the right tools.

        The solution can le lobbying, but, I would rather come together with people like you and join forces on common initiatives/communication to add up our respective footprints and expertise. Understanding what we can each can bring to create a sustainable lead generation program for everyone.



        • On one hand, we enjoy the fact that WordPress is open and extendable. On the other hand, it bothers us that it’s not uniform and not everything fully integrated. These two desires are in complete conflict and require a choice.

          I don’t think that it’s possible to create an open system, which everyone can extend AND require that all extensions will have the same quality and even free.

  10. Unfortunately, WordPress is getting old and is far from cool. What have they done to modernise the platform? What have they done to make it easier for real developers lately? What have they done to improve core security? They need a complete rebuild and rethink to stay relevant now.

    Who wants to manage databases and servers when there are amazing serverless platforms out there that can do nearly as much but with a better user experience.

    For our premium sites we are now using – completely serverless app written in React that stores your content and data files in your Git repository!

  11. I think that the all-in-one solutions like wix are bad for customers cause they lock you to their platforms and all the work you do is only valid there. And the prices increase as crazy once they think they’ve got you. Talking from direct experience.

    • I agree. Shouldn’t this obvious statement appear as a big benefit for using WordPress in the WordPress marketing material?

  12. I think that Google Trends data is because nowadays everyone, from developers to agency, know what WordPress is, so less people search the “wordpress” keyword on google, browsers have automatic suggestions and you are redirected directly to the main WordPress websites.

    WordPress marketshare at 2018 is stable, with an increase of Wix, Shopify and Squarespace:

    In my opinion, WordPress is missing a great UI/UX redesign, it should be updated also with AJAX like some theme option panel. It lacks basic core options like maintenance, newsletter system, analytics, advanced user role manager, backups, database optimizer and language switcher. This is the main reason more agencies could change their main CMS, followed by plugin/theme developers

    • Thanks for including the link to w3techs.

      I fully support improving the platform and it’s great that WordPress has such a big market share.

      Does this justify being passive in our marketing and not using our very strong domain to promote ourselves?

      • You, as WPML, can promote WP better than me and no, the market not justify the fact that you are not promoting WordPress. Of course you (and every company or developers which use WordPress to living and earn money) have to promote WordPress, just a page, paragraph, section or link on your site.

        But what would be the target in your case and case? Because now WordPress not have a specific target, so define a working marketing strategy can be a little tricky, so i don’t know if a pure marketing plan is the right way. I’d prefer to see a more efficient engagement in I’m a occasional translator on, the navigation and the interface is not easy to use for “normal people”, it still looks old.

        For example, Envato has the community, the envatotuts how-to and courses, and the envatostudio.
        Why not? It’s crazy not ever done something like envato.
        WordPress team could build a learning/job community with php, sql and java developers, something like codepen snippets from plugin and theme authors and theme authors should link back to from their channels

        For me it’s not a merely matter of marketing and promoting from company like you, because the long live of wp (and every digital/real product sold to customers) is not only about marketing/promoting

  13. Personally Wix and the other DIY builders are completely different from WordPress. So we aren’t really in competition. I chose WordPress so when a client asks “can you do this?” I can almost always say “Yes.”

    That said there is a problem in that I know more and more people will ask me to work on their DIY site. I refuse to work on other platforms specifically because I’ve spent 8+ years developing expertise with WordPress.

  14. WordPress is a good CMS provided you modify the code a minimum 70% of plugins are used to replace 15 lines of code. I’ve been minimizing plugins for a long time. I can’t complain he has his weaknesses but he’s also a real war machine if wordpress is well structured.

  15. I think it is great news other platforms are catching up if thats the case. WordPress (and plugins like WPML) have massive issues. I came to WP only 2 years ago, but have been building sites for 12. I came because I was drawn by the idea of so much extra functionality available by plugins. No need to develop costly bespoke plugins on other systems as they exist on WordPress.

    Sadly this is a misleading benefit. I am now constantly battling issues due to WordPress security and plugin updates, its a nightmare. I dont even recommend WPML anymore, its sooo overly complex. All my non-WP sites are happy ticking along with little need to spend so much time on them.

    What prevents me switching back is knowing we wont have so much functionality via plugins, so bespoke work is needed and therefore higher prices which rules out smaller customers.

    I am torn!

    So this is great news to know other CMSs are catching up. Competition is a GOOD thing. I am not going to help market WordPress to save WPML. I am going to keep hoping other competitors keep rising, and hope WordPress and its plugin developers sort their issues out if they want to stay in the lead!

    Laurence, Amity Web

    • Sorry for the miscommunication. I might have not explained it properly.

      We don’t have an issue with WPML sales or marketing. Our sales, client satisfaction and revenue have been on the rise since we started, including 2018.

      We get paid for building WPML and we spend some of this in our own marketing. Of course, any tips are always welcome, but we’re not soliciting help.

      I love WordPress. It allowed us to build a business and is providing for many families of people in the industry. As such, I’m very interested in the long-term prosperity of the platform. This is what this post is about.

      • “I’m very interested in the long-term prosperity of the platform” -> yes agree, I just think it has many many issues, and so does its plugins. I just have constant issues since starting to use WordPress, its a nightmare. Whereas very very little support on all the other CMSs we use, which is far more than WordPress sites at the moment. So if competition increased which forces WP and plugin developers to sort out the issues, then its a good thing.

        • In fact its normally the plugins that cause issues, support on basic sites is normally OK. All the sites I have with plugins, especially complex ones like WPML, give us a lot of headaches. WPML is probably one of the worse for one customer because its so complex, and does not do things as expected. I think WPML should really be simplified, we are now using Polylang as standard. Translation really should be a simple thing. Craft CMS has it built in, its a breeze to use.

  16. I am new to Word Press. I used to create my websites from scratch with scripting tools, and I can clearly say Word Press is the shit. So much easier and with so many plugins. Its like driving for the pleasure of being a driver or driving with the purpose to get to the location. Word Web is the freeway on non-rush hour. Love it.
    When marketing is concern, my opinion is Word Press needs more pride by the users. Display the Word Press Logo with pride, as a sign of being efficient, effective and affordable.

    It is clear the time of .com, with high price developers, expecting immediate wealth off a website because it has all the current bells and whistles, but it is in the middle of the world wide web oblivion… That idea is over. Now days is about creating something that can provide your presence online quickly and effectively for PC, MAC or phones, so you can carry on with the marketing and servicing your clients.
    When it comes to development, I say you guys are top notch. Maybe could use more how-to videos for newcomers and better-written explanations. Also, provide a way of selecting based on customer ideals or presonality. Say a 16 yr old girl would go through different options to find her perfect options for a website than a 50 yr old race car driver. I hope you understand that analogy. Basically, where they can discover the ideal site design by their preferences, giving the illusion Word Web has “Just What You Wanted” “Effective, Efficient and online”

    Also, maybe you can get closer to the bottom of whats NOW most wanted, by reading what most complain on other applications.

    Maybe a comical commercial on Youtube?
    Start of the commercial with:
    (narration of sexy lady)
    “URGGG 60 days overdue… Want it, Need it… but so afraid of it.”
    (hate-comments of other applications)
    Insert Word Web Logo
    Just What You Wanted (insert narrowing down options up to the selected design)
    – Painted long fingernails selectin and clicking…
    “You are now, effective, Efficient and … Online”
    (show 300Lbs Drag queen singing clip on Word Press site.)
    Enter Logo
    Word Press… “Just what you wanted”

    I hope this help.


  17. I’m often confused about wordpress choices.
    In this case, I agree with Patrick. I don’t care about Gutenberg UI. It brings nothing good for fellows who are used to work with wordpress in daily basis.
    It should be a users choice wether to use Gutenberg or not.
    Quite frankly it looks like an attack to some plugins like VC, rather than an improvement.
    Some companies like SiteOrigin will also be affected.
    As to new users, how would that bring them?

    WordPress should be concerned with other things like introducing transpilers and built in code interfaces or even REPL to allow us work faster.

    Best regards,

    • Yes, but there are already places to leave important feedback about Gutenberg. Does this feedback justify that we all do nothing to promote WordPress?

  18. I personally think that wordpress should improve its interface with cool features that wix is using. In that case we didn’t have plugins like visual composer wpbakery, etc. WordPress is much preferred system for us, it is still very optimal, easy understood by search engines. But it needs to have some of those drug and drop features for building websites, like wix.

    • I can’t agree more.
      WP should be a page builder on its own, and I hoped they worked on it since years, but in reality they seem so slow that I already said that WP could lose the war even before I jumped really into it, which I did since it’s still the most versatile tool.
      In fact it’s so complex for even the simplest task that it makes me crazy. My learning curve is already 6 month long and isn’t at it’s end while Wix & SquareSpace was a matter of days. What to say on that.

      Gutenberg has some promises but at what speed ??
      What about Archive pages layouts…

      We could talk countless years on this subject. Let’s cry loud enough that they get ashamed.

  19. It was very interesting to know that there’s more to wordpress than being just a competitor site for shopify,wix and the likes. I don’t know what to hope because we don’t know what the future holds. Maybe start doing websites on different platforms and see which one will work better.