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September 19, 2023

Salon booking system plugin is easy to use yet, a feature-rich booking plugin. In this tutorial, you will learn how to translate Salon Booking elements using WPML.

Default language booking form (English)

Secondary language booking form (Spanish)

On This Page:

Getting started

Make sure that you have activated the Salon booking system plugin navigating to PluginsInstalled Plugins. Also, make sure that you have activated the WPML Multilingual CMS, WPML String Translation, and WPML Translation Management plugins.

Translating booking forms and notification emails

To translate the text of your booking form, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to WPMLString Translation.
  2. Search for the string that you want to translate.
  3. Click on the translations link, add the translation, tick the Translation is complete box, then click Save.
  4. Repeat steps (2) and (3) to translate all the form texts.
Translating forms and email notification texts

It is worth mentioning that you will find all Salon booking texts registered under the “salon-booking-system” text-domain. 

You can follow the same steps to translate the notification email text.

Translating services

Translating services is very similar to translating posts and pages. For more details, check our guide on translating your website’s content using WPML’s advanced translation editor.

Getting help from our support

In case you need help translating your site built using Salon booking and WPML, visit WPML’s support forum.