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May 2, 2023

ManageWP is a renowned service that allows you to manage all your WordPress sites from one dashboard. Among other features, it allows you to update your plugins in a few clicks. In this tutorial, we explain the process of updating WPML components using ManageWP.

Getting Started

Start by installing and activating ManageWP and WPML for your site. Learn more about how to install and use ManageWP on your site.

There are three steps to successfully use ManageWP to update WPML components on your clients’ sites:

  1. Register WPML on your client’s site.
  2. Add the site to your ManageWP dashboard.
  3. Update the plugin.

You need to perform the first two steps only once.

Register WPML for your site

Registering your site with WPML enables automated updating for it.

First, add the site to your WPML account:

  1. Go to your WPML Account page and click Register WPML on your sites.
Go to the sites page
  1. On the Sites page, click Add new site and enter your site’s URL.
  2. Click the show key link for the site and copy the key.
Adding a site to your WPML account
  1. Go to your site’s WordPress administration, then go to the Plugins page
  2. Find the WPML Multilingual CMS plugin in the list of your site’s plugins and click on the Register link.
Go to the Plugins page and click the Register link
  1. Click Register WPMLand paste the site key you obtained from your WPML Account page then click OK.

Automated WPML updates are now enabled for your site. You can find more information about this in the WPML installation guide.

Add the site to your ManageWP dashboard

To add your site to the ManageWP dashboard, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your ManageWP account and click Add Website to add a new site.
Adding a website to the ManageWP dashboard
  1. Type in the URL of your site and click Add Website.
Add your site’s URL
  1. Enter your site’s WordPress username and password, and click Add Website.
Enter your website credentials

Your site is now connected to the ManageWP service and you can see its overview in the dashboard.

Your site’s overview in the ManageWP dashboard

Update WPML using ManageWP

Now that everything is set up, you can use ManageWP to update WPML on your site.

Available WPML updates will appear under the Updates section of the site’s dashboard in ManageWP. To update the plugin(s), select the checkbox next to it and click Update.

Updating WPML components from the ManageWP dashboard

Updating WPML can take some time, depending on the speed of your server. There is a green progress bar at the top of the ManageWP’s interface.

After the update is finished, the dashboard will refresh and the Updates section will again show the usual “Everything is up to date” message.


Your site needs to enable remote incoming connections for ManageWP to do its magic. If you are having problems connecting to ManageWP, read about possible causes for not being able to add sites to ManageWP.

Getting help from our support

We have supporters in our forum who are ready six days a week to help you. They are trained on how to use WPML with ManageWP.

If you are working with a developer for your site, please use our Translation support forum to get help with translating your site’s content.

If you are setting up the site and WPML yourself, please use our Technical support forum.