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Reported for: WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency 4.11.0

Overview of the issue

If a bookable product was partially translated (not in all secondary languages), it will not be translatable anymore as soon as it’s booked in a secondary language.


This happens because WCML needs to lock the booking time slot in the secondary languages. As a workaround, please use our Advanced Translation Editor (ATE) or  translate your bookable products into all languages before making them available for booking.

6 Responses to “WooCommerce Bookings - A Booking Cannot Be Translated Anymore If It Has Been Booked Before”

  1. Hello, just so I understand correctly.
    Whenever I have a booking on my product (room), if I make changes to the languages, I have to recreate the product and adjust the translations. Then I have to manually transfer all the bookings to the copy so that these times are also blocked in the new product, otherwise there will be double bookings.
    This can not be right! There is no justification for this effort.
    Please correct me if I misunderstand something!

    • Hell Mario,
      If you have already booked a product before translating it, I’m afraid this needs to be done. That’s why all the products needs to be translated before by the moment.
      Don’t hesitate to open a ticket in our support forum if you need further assistance.

  2. Hello, there has been 5 months ago since the problem has been published. The problem further exists. If a product has been booked, it is not translatable. When i want to update a translated product from german to english and spain, i go to english and actualize and after this the spanish language is’nt translated anymore. i have no chance to build a new translation with this product in another language.

    So i think this will be time to fix it, because the problem persists since over one year and more.

    thank you

    • Hey there,
      We are totally sorry about this situation, however we strongly recommend to translate your products using our Advanced Translation Editor as this issue does not appear with it.
      In case you are experiencing any issue with this editor, don’t hesitate to open a ticket in our support forum so we can help you better.

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