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Resolved in: WPML 4.2.0

Overview of the issue

New Shortcodes have been added to Cornerstone 2.1.7 and X theme 5.2.5. These shortcodes don’t load on the Translation Editor page.

This issue arises because the shortcodes have changed. The text to translate is no longer displayed in the content editor. There is an id attribute that points to the text stored in post meta-data.

It is worth mentioning that the classic shortcodes are loaded to the Translation Editor page and can be translated normally.


To translated pages built with CornerStone you can:

  1. Do not update to the latest version of X/Pro themes. We highly recommend using this method as you will be able to translate your pages normally using the Translation Editor.
  2. Use the manual translation.

We are working on fixing this issue in an upcoming release of WPML so that you can translate the pages built with Cornerstone using the Translation Editor.

32 Responses to “Cornerstone - Shortcodes aren’t rendered in the translated pages”

  1. Any update on this? I purchased the plugin with the sole purpose of translating sites built using the XTheme – and now it’s not possible to do so using the even the JAN2018 edition of X… When will you release an updated version that solves this issue?

    • Our development team is actively working in cooperation with Themco team to resolve this issue. We expect to resolve this issue on WPML’s next major release.

    • Hi,

      Please note that you can translate your website using manual translation. We are working on resolving the compatibility issues with Cornerstone in WPML 4.0. You will be able then to translate pages using the Translation Editor.

  2. Hi we have this problem not only with shortcode but also on simple new section with simple texte
    We did all the Update from Pro + wmpl (1 may 2018).
    I guess the only solution is to use manual translation. How to justify this to the customer : (

    • Hi Sam,

      This is a temporary issue that we are actively working on a resolution for. Please bear with us, this will be sorted out soon!

  3. Still no news regarding this ? I assume this is not a big deal. But for us, it’s more than difficult to maintain 6 languages by hand.

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately, resolving this issue is not simple as it seems. Our compatibility development team is working on it. I will let you know once it is sorted out.

      Your patience is highly appreciated!

  4. Any update on the status of this issue?

    It’s been ongoing for a while, I would’ve hoped it to be resolved since it was reported last year and we’re already more than 6 months down the road (and at X Theme v.6.1.5 by now). Is there any way we as users/developers can help?

    • Hi,

      We are still working with the theme author on resolving this issue! I will ensure contacting you to let you know when it is resolved.

  5. Hi guys… We really need this ticket escalated and resolved ASAP. Our clients are demanding a solution, otherwise we’ll need to consider different translation software.

    • Hi,

      We are actively working on supporting the new Cornerstone shortcodes. We will try our best to include the fix in our upcoming major release.

      I will keep you posted!

    • Hi,

      This issue is already escalated.

      Themco team is currently investigating the issue. I will ensure updating you once we get an update!

      • Thank you!

        Please let me ask – what is current best practice to translate a (latest version) X Theme page?

        Manual translations? String translations? Duplicating pages manually? … There are quite a few different “solutions” floating around…

        Thank you in advance.

  6. I have the same problem more than two months after the last posting in this thread. Is there any solution to this problem in sight?

    • Unfortunately, I can’t provide you with a timeframe for providing a fix as the author is still investigating the issue. I will keep you posted!

  7. Hi, is there any update on this? Is there a date by when we can expect this to be solved?

    We are now using for a while the manual translation for our pages built with Cornerstone and it is very problematic as not only most of the new text does not show up if you open the translation editor but also parts of the old text “disappear” from the editor and if you save the page these parts are not translated anymore, thus forcing us to translate manually the old text that was alreaday translated too…

    • Hi Claudio,

      We are actively working on resolving this issue. We will have a resolution soon.

      As advised in this errata, you need to use the manual translation mode only to translate the Cornerstone pages. Using the translation editor would cause the different issues that you are describing.

  8. In WordPress 5.0 this issue is even more severe. I had already to use the manual translation option in WPML and X-theme to translate posts in WordPress < 5, but at the moment I can't enter manual translation anymore (after an update to WordPress 5). Any updates from WPML?