Resolved in: 4.3.3

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When duplicating a page created using Elementor to any of the secondary languages on your website, the page layout won’t be copied to the secondary language.


To duplicate a page to any of the secondary languages on your website follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the page editing screen and click on the plus icon found in the language box.
  2. Based on your translation editor of choice, this will open the Classic Translation Editor (CTE) or the Advanced Translation Editor(ATE).
    • To copy the original text fields in the CTE click the Copy all fields from original button, mark all fields as Translation is complete then Save & Close.
    • To copy the original text fields in the ATE click on the copy original text to translation icon, click the save and complete icon, then click the Finish button.

40 Responses to “Elementor – page layout is not duplicated to the secondary language page”

  1. Hello,

    As a workaround it works, however, when there are a lot of fields to translate, a checkbox to mark all fields as “Translation is complete” at once would be very welcome.

    Anyway, I expect that a forthcoming WPML update will include full working duplication for Elementor pages like for any other page.

    Here follow what Elementor tech support told me about this matter a few days ago:

    “Our senior customer support personnel has informed us that our developers have worked with the development team for WPML to resolve this issue which enlightened us on a final filter needed for WPML which was introduced in Elementor Pro 2.2.

    Our development team has created a hook in Elementor for WPML to utilize to add compatibility for Elementor Pro but they have not utilized this hook up until this time.”

    I look forward to your news.

    Thank you very much for your attention.

    Best regards.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Allow me to check with our development team on the status of this issue.

      I will update you once I have a reply!

    • Our development team will work on fixing this issue. Yet, we can’t give a time estimate. Once the issue is resolved we will mark this errata as “Closed”.

  2. Hi Mohamed,

    Thank you very much for your responses.

    I hope that your development team will be able to fix this issue very soon.

    Best regards.

  3. Hello, do you have an idea how long it will take to fix this issue? Do you think that it will be done within 1 month from the ticket opening or does it take longer?

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately, I can’t give you a time estimate on when the issue will be resolved!

      For the time being, you can use the workaround provided in this errata.

    • Hi,

      Not yet! Our development team will work on resolving the issue as soon as possible. For now, you can use the workaround provided in this errata to overcome this issue.

  4. Hello Mohamed,

    I notice many Elementor stuff in the changelog of the today’s update.

    Does this update fix the issues of this thread?

    Thanks for your reply.

    Best regards.

    • Hi,

      The issue described in this errata isn’t fixed in the last update. Once it is fixed, we will mark this errata as “Resolved”.

    • We are prioritizing this issue. It should be resolved soon! Yet, I can’t provide you with a time estimate.

      For the time being, please use the workaround described in the errata.

      Thanks for bearing with us!

  5. Any update on this issue? The workaround doesn’t work for me. It copies the content, but not the elementor layout. I guess I could completely re-build the page in alternate language, but that’s not really a great option.

    • Hi Paul,

      Sorry for the inconvenience! You can use our support forum to report that the workaround in this errata isn’t working for you. They will be more than happy to help you sort things out.

      Our development team is prioritizing this issue. Yet, I can’t provide a solid time estimate on when it will be resolved.

      Your patience is highly appreciated!

  6. This issue is very frustrating indeed. It adds tons of development time to all of my projects. Hope this will be fixed soon as this issue has been around for a while now.

    • We apologize for the inconvenience! Resolving this issue is on top of our priorities. I will update you once it is resolved.

  7. Hello. I am having the same problem with the wordpress Theme RYSE. WPML copies the content, but not the elementor layout. Is there any solution you recommended?

  8. I think a found the solution. At least for my case.
    First thing I did is to clone the page I ‘m trying to translate using EA Duplicator. Then it opens automatically a new page editor where I had to change the language (to the language I am translating into) and saved it (that’s when if I see a previous, tha page will appear without styles). But, I edited it with Elementor (the page style appeared perfectly). Then saved. Finally edited it connecting both pages versions (original and translated).

    • Hi,

      Thanks for reaching out!

      Glad to know that this workaround works for you. Yet, I would recommend using the workaround in this errata as it is easier to implement and doesn’t require any 3rd party plugins to duplicate the page.

  9. Hello WPML team,

    same issue with my site (using ASTRA theme and ELEMENTOR editor)…

    Given Elementor is such a popular Editor it would be of such an importance a permanent solution to fix the issue should have been in place by now? The issue is dated two months back, please?

    Thank you very much in advance

    • Hi,

      We have this on the top of our priorities! It should be fixed soon. I will make sure to update you once this is resolved.

      Sorry for the inconvenience!

  10. Hello
    I can do ‘workaround’ *for now*. BUT problem is that

    1- the translation must be 100% to be able to make a multilingual site. ex, if not, the page does not exist yet so I can’t use that ‘translation not completed’ page nowhere.

    2- in this case, I can’t even assign a translator to work as it is completed.

    am I missing something? It’s too much trouble for us.. What is your suggestion?

    • Hi,

      You can assign a completed translation job for a translator. Simply, navigate to WPML -> Translation Management and choose the content that you want to be sent to your translator. In the “Select translation options” section, choose the “Translate” option corresponding to the language(s) you want to translate your content into, then click the “Add selected content to translation basket”.

      Navigate to the “Translation Basket” tab and select your translator. Now, click the “Send all items for translation” button.

      With that, the translation job will be sent to the translator.

      Please check our Translation Management documentation to know more about sending content for translation.

  11. Hello Mohamed,
    thanks for the reply. It helped.
    I wish the editor has the ability that we can ‘uncheck’ back where to be translated again. this will be very helpful.
    Thanks again,

      • Thanks for reply.

        is it working in past releases. I have a customer with 50 page layout in Elementor, I need to duplicate it. This duplication is necesary for next week (they have a fira).

        Can I have any option for duplicate page layout. Maybe a plugin or past version?

        any solution?

  12. This workaround is not the best, especially selecting all the “Translations is complete” checkboxes.

    If you open the browser’s JS console ( and drop this line:

    jQuery(".icl_tm_finished").attr("checked", "checked"); });

    all the checkboxes will be selected, then you just need to save it.

    Still not ideal, but a bit less of work.

    We will provide a proper solution as soon as possible.

  13. The issue is now resolved. Please make sure to update WPML plugins to the latest version.

    Thanks everyone for bearing with us!

  14. Wait, this still doesnt work for me.
    I have the latest version, but when I go to translate a page in Elementor, it doesnt duplicate the page layout- it totally changes the page layout .
    What can I do?