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Overview of the issue

Recently, some WPML users have reported that they are unable to translate the Link field assigned to buttons, text, or other widgets via WPML’s Translation Editor.

Please note that this is not the same issue as Oxygen Builder – Completed translations do not load on the front-end. However, if you are experiencing that issue, please follow the instructions there before attempting to fix the issue outlined here.


We are investigating a solution with the Oxygen Builder team. However, for now, the best way to resolve this issue is by following the instructions to manually translate your page or post.
After you’ve manually translated the page/post, you can then adjust the link from within the translated page/post.

Next steps to resolve this issue

WPML team is jointly investigating official compatibility with the folks from Oxygen Builder to try and find a permanent solution to this issue (and the issue affecting translations not showing on the frontend). While we cannot guarantee any solution, expressing your interest in this effort to the Oxygen Builder team via their GitHubFacebook page and/or user group can only help move things along.

8 Responses to “Oxygen Builder widget and link translation issues”

  1. Hello,

    Unfortunately this solution does not seem to work on my side.
    – Copied the code so is active
    – Removed the content of the xml config (tested with it after)
    – Created a new test page
    – No link in translation
    Tested with oxygen modules:
    – Text link
    – Link wrapper
    – Button


    • Thank you for reporting it Marc. Could you please provide this information in your support ticket so we can follow this situation up.
      Thank you for your help.

    • Hey there,
      We are investigating a solution with the Oxygen Builder team. However, the best way to resolve this issue is to manually translate your content.
      Don’t hesitate to open a ticket in a support forum if you need further help.

        • Gracias por la aclaración Camilo, sin embargo, no parece tener relación con el tema que se discute en esta errata.
          Lo mejor es que abras un ticket en el soporte para que lo podamos investigar.

  2. There´re plenty of errors using wpml in O2. The content is not displaying on frontpage and the shop page is empty. I´m not sure what to resolve this

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