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When you try to register a site on you get one of these warnings:
“Your account allows you to build only 3 sites with WPML.”
“Your account allows you to build only 9223372036854775807 sites with WPML.”

This happens when using the automatic translation feature provided by the Chrome browser


Temporarily disable the automatic translation provided by the Chrome browser to register the site

2 Responses to “Unable to register new sites on WPML if the browser is using the automatic translation from Google”

  1. Hi there, I’ve just purchased wpml multilingual cms, but in my account page, I cannot add any website. So I cannot have the key to have wpml running on my wordpress.
    How can i get the key, if I’m not able to add any website?

    • Are you using Google automatic translation? If yes please follow the recommended workaround – if not please report that in our support system.

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