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Reported for: WPML Multilingual CMS 4.5.5

Overview of the issue

If you use WPML’s Classic Translation Editor for translating content created with Elementor, toggling between the Visual and Text modes removes paragraph tags on translations. As a result, the content shows all on one line.


We strongly recommend you to switch to the Advanced Translation Editor.
Otherwise you can also apply this workaround:

  1. Please make a full backup of your site before proceeding.
  2. Open your functions.php file.
  3. Add this code:
     * Fix for Visual/Text toggle removes paragraph tags on translations and shows on one line
    add_filter('tiny_mce_before_init', function($config) {
    	if ( defined('ELEMENTOR_VERSION') && did_action('admin_init') && get_current_screen()->id === 'wpml_page_tm/menu/translations-queue') {
    			$config['wpautop'] = false;
    	return $config;

8 Responses to “Elementor - Visual/Text toggle removes paragraph tags on translations and shows on one line”

  1. I hope this is a temporary fix for the bug.
    The code on the “text” side of the editor (not the “visual” one) looks very ugly now with all the p html tag thingies and not separated to paragraphs.
    On an older version even when there were no p-tags things and it worked find, i could use paragraphs ok without “p”-tag

    • Hey Heikki,
      I’m glad to know it worked. Anyway, we encourage you to move to our Advanced Translation Editor if possible.

      • When i switch to the advanced editor, and try to go to the translated page and at the top menu i click on “Edit translation”, it will go to url “?ateJobCreationError=101&jobId=59”

        and will not edit.

        • That’s expected, when you use our ATE (Advanced Translation Editor) you go to our ATE server where you can translate your content.
          If you can’t finish your translation, please open a ticket in our support forum as we would need to investigate more.

    • Hey Marc,
      You don’t have to pay to use our Advanced Translation Editor, only in case you need the automatic translation however you can continue translating your content manually.

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