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By default, you should use the stable and fully tested versions of WPML. However, in some cases, you may want to test versions that have not yet been officially released.

There are three types of releases, also called “channels”:

  • Production – this is the default channel and includes only the official, stable releases. It is safe to upgrade and it is advised only to make a backup before upgrading as a minimum precaution.
  • Beta – these are the “almost stable” releases. In the beta stage, our plugins are not completely covered by the QA process. This means they can contain potential errors. You are strongly recommended to make backups before installing these. Additionally, you should not use beta releases on live, production sites.
  • Development – this is the least stable channel. You should install development versions only to test the latest new functionality added to WPML or bugs that have been fixed. These versions should only be used in the testing environment and it is critical to make backups before installing them.

Switching to other channels

To switch to another channel go to the Plugins page, click the Add New button and then click the Commercial tab. Under the Update channel option, use the drop down menu to select the channel you want to switch to. Finally, click the Switch button in the dialog that appears.

Switching between production, beta, and development channel
Switching between production, beta, and development channel

Important things about how switching to other channels work:

  • To be able to switch from the Production to another channel you must have the latest stable versions of all WPML components.
  • The option to switch to a channel other than Production is only available when there are newer versions in other channels.
  • When you switch to another channel, all installed plugins will be automatically updated as soon as a new version is available for that channel.
  • Switching to the Beta channel and then back to the Production one, means that you will be able to upgrade to a Production version (of the beta you currently have) as soon as it becomes available. You cannot downgrade from a Beta to a previous stable version. For example, if you switched to 4.5 Beta version, you can not downgrade it to a 4.4 Production version. Instead, you will be upgraded to 4.5 Production version as soon as it is released.