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If you need to import content into WordPress, from a different CMS or from any other source, you should check out the new tutorial on content import to WordPress over at

The tutorial explains how to format a CSV file, how to create the custom post types, fields and taxonomy and run the import process using the CSV Importer plugin.

Please note that the tutorial doesn’t cover language tables. Let us know if this interest you and we can work with the CSV Import plugin to add language support as well.

Happy reading!

5 Responses to “Tutorial on content import into WordPress”

  1. I have some flag’s at the top of the company’s website but there is no option to translate the website pages functionality with those flags.

    Do you have a function built in to your plug-in to put the flags on the top and bottom of the website if I purchase?

    Get back to me at 336.459.9717.


    • WPML comes with different styles of language switchers that you can use. Please note that WPML doesn’t translate your content. It lets you translate and run a multilingual website. Then, your visitors will see these flags and can choose their language.

      Does this answer what you wanted to know?

  2. Hi,

    I’m about to upload about 500 posts with CSV Importer on a new multilingual wordpress installation with WPML . This would be for the english version.

    Right now, These 500 posts have already been translated in french in an other spreadsheet.

    What would be the best strategy to import those 500 posts with both languages already set and linked with CSV Importer ?

    Thx for your support.