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WPML Version: 3.2


Builds or updates duplicate posts from a “master” post. This action hook is reserved for admin backend calls.

Inserting Content
do_action( 'wpml_admin_make_post_duplicates', int $master_post_id )
(int) (Required) The ID of the post to duplicate from. It can be that of a post, page or custom post. The “master post” doesn’t need to be in the default language.
hook example usage:


// this will create duplicates for the "Hello World!" post
do_action( 'wpml_admin_make_post_duplicates', 1 );

In the example below, we create duplicates for a post or page or custom post when we click on “publish” from the “edit-post” admin screen.

A more advanced example

add_action( 'wp_insert_post', 'my_duplicate_on_publish' );
function my_duplicate_on_publish( $post_id ) {
	global $post;

	// don't save for autosave
	if (is_null($post))
       		 return $post_id;

	if ( defined( 'DOING_AUTOSAVE' ) && DOING_AUTOSAVE ) {
		return $post_id;

	// dont save for revisions
	if ( isset( $post->post_type ) && $post->post_type == 'revision' ) {
		return $post_id;

	// we need this to avoid recursion see add_action at the end
	remove_action( 'wp_insert_post', 'my_duplicate_on_publish' );

	// make duplicates if the post being saved:
	// #1. is not a duplicate of another or
	// #2. does not already have translations

	$is_translated = apply_filters( 'wpml_element_has_translations', '', $post_id, $post->post_type );

	if ( !$is_translated ) {
		do_action( 'wpml_admin_make_post_duplicates', $post_id );

	// must hook again - see remove_action further up
	add_action( 'wp_insert_post', 'my_duplicate_on_publish' );