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BuddyPress Multilingual

BuddyPress Multilingual turn BuddyPress sites into fully multilingual, including standard WordPress content and activity streams.

This is how it looks like in action:

BuddyPress Multilingual

Both guest sites and the main site can have contents in many languages (using WPML). This plugin makes the BuddyPress controls language-aware, so that when visitors navigate around the site, they remain in the same language.


After you unpack downloaded zip file from the plugin download page to your WPMU installation plugins folder (/wp-content/plugins/), activate it through link ‘Activate Buddypress Multilingual Site Wide’ or the regular ‘Activate’ link.

For this plugin to work, you need to have the WPML plugin enabled as well. Together, they will transform the BuddyPress site into multilingual.

What does it actually do?

Adds language information to BuddyPress elements
When visitors navigate the site, they stay in the same language. All the special BuddyPress pages will behave link standard WordPress posts and pages, with language URLs.

Requirements and settings

Buddypress Multilingual needs no setup. It works out-of-the box with your BuddyPress themes.

Notice: To use it, you must configure WPML to arrange languages in directories.

Need help?

BuddyPress Multilingual Support