If you are using our support, you might have noticed two languages in the last few days. We are very happy to announce the availability of native German and Simplified Chinese support for WPML.

True, most WPML clients can read and write English just fine. However, we all know that it’s a lot more fun to get help in your own language. As our team expands, we now have dedicated support in English, Spanish, German and Chinese.

When you create support threads in these languages, they are automatically routed to our native speaking support staff. Response time in all languages is the same, as we are able to clear most support requests in a few hours. Of course, when questions require complex debug, things may take a bit longer, but it’s the same in all languages.

While we’re on the subject of support, I’d like to introduce our support team, so that you know the people behind the nicknames.

Harshad, India / English

Harshad was the first to join us working full time on WPML support. He provides first tier support for WPML and also specializes in e-Commerce.

Sarah – Germany / English

Sarah is an extremely friendly support person, providing accurate and timely help.

Andreas – Germany / English and German

Andreas provides timely support for clients in European timezone. He is our main German support person, handling everything from basic issues to troubleshooting.

David – Spain / English and Spanish

David provides first tier Spanish support. David is also responsible for our WooCommerce compatibility. David is also responsible for our support system and our e-commerce system.

Dominykas – Lithuania / English

Dominykas is responsible for our theme compatibility program. Dominykas provides second tier support for WPML and compatibility with WPEC and JigoShop plugins.

Luo – China / English and Chinese

Luo provides support in both WPML and Toolset forums. As a native Chinese speaker, Luo can help in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Adriano – Brazil / English and Portuguese (upcoming in our support)

Adriano, from Rio, is the newest member of our support team. He’s been building and designing websites since 2005. Adriano provides first tier support for both WPML and Toolset and will be responsible for our Portuguese support as soon as it’s live.

Mihai – Romania / English

Mihai is WPML’s lead developer. Although you don’t often see him in the support forum, advanced support issues often end up with him.

We hope that you are enjoying our support. We will do everything in our power to help you build multilingual sites quickly and conveniently.

Do you feel that localized support in your language would significantly help you? What language would you like us to add most?

64 Responses to “WPML Support Available in German and Chinese”

  1. Actually English is OK for me, but French support would be great for the people I’ll refer WPML to. I think I can answer part of the questions from them, but for official support, I think it would be nice to find it in French as well.