We’re ready with WPML 2.3.0 – a major new version, with lots of new features and bug fixes.

I already wrote about the new features in WPML 2.3.0 in the RC announcement, but in case you haven’t noticed (or don’t want to venture with RC code), here is a quick summary of what’s new:

Translation Management for String Translation
You can now choose which strings to translate and to what languages and send to your translators (when using WPML’s Translation Management module). This means that your translators can help with theme and plugin localization and don’t need to send you the strings to paste in.
Admin Bar Language Switcher
You’ll find a content-language selector at the top of every screen in the WordPress Admin. If your theme or plugin lists content, you can choose which language to display.
Multilingual Text Widget
Provides a simple way to choose on which languages to display text widgets.
Auto Register Strings
If there were untranslatable strings in your theme or plugins, this will help automatically register them in WPML’s String Translation screen.
Much Improved Translation Editor
Nothing will break this version of WPML’s Translation Editor. You can include forms, table and any other web element and the editor will run just fine. It also features improved support for RTL languages and several critical fixes.
WordPress 3.2 Support
WordPress 3.2 is not yet released, but this version of WPML works fine with the current development version. When WP 3.2 is out, you’ll be able to update without fear of WPML breaking.

To get this release, login to your WPML account and click on Downloads. The CMS Beta Package now includes version 2.3.0 (not a beta version). You can use that to download all of WPML’s components together.

Let us know what you think!

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21 Responses to “WPML 2.3.0”

  1. Thank you for a great product. I just bought version a few days ago.
    I’m still trying to figure it out (codes dazzle me sometimes) but i’ll get there.

    I’m confused to see there’s an update for wpml, but I can’t figure out how to get it.
    I’ve tried via wordpress plugin menu but it says the goalfile already exists.
    I’ve tried via the cms beta package like you said but i have to pay 50dollars.

    How can i upgrade to the newer version?
    Or does it cost money and i’ve just bought my other version a few days to soon?

    • Login to your WPML account and click on Downloads. You’ll see the download file there. If you purchased the Blog version, you need to download the first file.

      • I just deactivated my old plugin and downloaded the new and i’m getting this message after unzipping in WP 3.1.3.:
        (i’m translating from dutch)

        unzipping file…

        installing plugin…

        target(goal) file already exists /home/macdesig/public_html/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/

        plugin install failed.

        If it already exists, why won’t it install?
        In wordpressplugins it still says i run wpml

        (sorry if this is becoming too much of a technical issue)

  2. Does it work fully with WPMU turned on in WP 3.2? I’m kind of nervous to upgrade without you gus confirming that it has been fully tested and is working with MU enabled.

    • Are you referring to WordPress 3.2? It’s still in Beta, with a large number of bugs that the WordPress team is working on. I wouldn’t yet use WP 3.2 for live sites.

      We’ve tested WPML 2.3.0 on the current development version of WordPress 3.2 and it worked fine for us. I love the new features and improved responsiveness of WP 3.2, but I wouldn’t use it for our own production sites yet.

  3. Just upgraded to WPML 2.3.0 and suddenly getting this error message on my client’s website/CMS pages:

    Warning: call_user_func_array(): First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘sanitize_mime_type’ was given in /hsphere/local/home/website/sandbox.website.com/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 166

    (actual URL edited for posting here)

    Is it possible to downgrade, or can you suggest where to troubleshoot? I’ve tried disabling other plugins, but that doesn’t seem to have an effect. I can’t really disable WPML, since it’s now an integral part of the site (including WPML menus, etc.)

    If this isn’t the appropriate place to post a support request, please direct me to the correct location. Thanks.

    • We’re running WP 3.1.3 and the following plugins:
      Akismet 2.5.3
      All in One SEO Pack
      CMS Tree Page View 0.7.19
      Contact Form 7 2.4.5
      Embedded Video 4.1
      Post Page Associator 1.3.17
      WordPress Multilingual Sitemap 0.1
      WPML CMS Nav 1.2.3
      WPML Multilingual CMS 2.3.0
      WPML Sticky Links 1.1.3
      WPML String Translation 1.2.3
      WPML Translation Management 1.2.3

      Running a custom-built template. Nothing really unusual in it, AFAIK.

    • The right place for support requests is in our technical forum:

      We would need to be able to replicate the problem you’re having, to know what’s causing it. As you can see, it’s not coming from WPML but from plugin.php. Of course, a function in WPML may be calling it.

      It’s very difficult to know exactly what’s causing this without being able to debug. One way would be to get your database, all plugins and them (you can ZIP the entire wp-content directory) and we test it locally.

      Alternatively, if you can narrow this down and provide the information about what exactly is triggering it, we may be able to reproduce locally.

      To follow up, please post in the forum. The developers are not subscribed to comments, here in the blog.

    • Hi
      please find below the snippet of code which will help you the problem of your website (“Warning msg at the top of site”).
      1)place below function inside the formatting.php file which is present on /root/public_html/wp-includes folder

      function sanitize_mime_type( $mime_type ) {
      $sani_mime_type = preg_replace( ‘/[^-*.a-zA-Z0-9\/]/’, ”, $mime_type );
      return apply_filters( ‘sanitize_mime_type’, $sani_mime_type, $mime_type );


  4. The dropdown language selector is not working on IE6 and I am using a blank css. Should I post this problem in subscribers-only forum ?

    • WordPress is deprecating IE6 and we’re doing so too. What works now will continue working, but we’re not going to make changes to support other features on IE6.

    • This version adds automatic String registration, so if you wrap that bio in a gettext call, it will appear for translation in WPML’s String Translation screen.

  5. Looking to the feature list: is machine translation for posts and pages available? If not, are you planning this feature and what is the expected time frame for this?

  6. This worked for me with some edits. Make sure the ‘ ‘ ” get replaced in your file because the font on the forum will cause errors if pasted directly.

    function sanitize_mime_type( $mime_type ) {
    $sani_mime_type = preg_replace(‘/[^-*.a-zA-Z0-9\/]/’, ”, $mime_type);
    return apply_filters(‘sanitize_mime_type’, $sani_mime_type, $mime_type);