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Discover popular themes with custom Elementor widgets for building advanced sites with more creative freedom.

Everyone can build a beautiful site today thanks to page builders like Elementor. But how do you make your site stand out? 

For starters, make sure to choose a theme that not only looks amazing out of the box but also allows you to add advanced features that improve the user experience.

WordPress themes with custom Elementor widgets (also sometimes referred to as Elements) provide just that! 

Custom widgets let you add advanced functionality to your website. They do this by providing unique elements specifically designed for the type of website you want to build.

To help you pick the best theme, we reviewed and tested many popular options. As part of our review, we also reached out to their developers to make sure our recommended themes are fully translatable with WPML. 

In this blog post, we share our top themes with custom Elementor widgets for building advanced sites with WPML compatibility. 

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WoodMart theme

WoodMart is a comprehensive e-commerce theme for Elementor. It offers over 50+ Elementor widgets, 400+ templates, a customizable header builder, and multi-vendor support to easily scale your website into a marketplace.

Here are some standout WoodMart widgets: 

360 Degree View

The 360 Degree View widget lets you display an interactive 360-degree visualization of your product. To rotate, users can drag across the image, or click a left-right arrow at the bottom. The widget includes a smooth animation when switching views, and supports multiple angles from each side. 
This widget is perfect if you run an e-commerce store, and want to let your users see your product from all angles.


The Marquee widget lets you display texts and images in a moving horizontal scroll, similar to the stock market stock news slider. This feature is great if you want to feature news, discounts, or testimonials in a moving animation. The Marquee widget includes speed settings and the ability to include a pause effect when users hover with their mouse.


The Wishlist widget lets your site visitors save and categorize products they’re interested in. Users can manage multiple wishlists, share items with friends, and view saved items in their accounts. As an admin, you can view your users’ wishlists and get a summary of the top products people save. 

This widget is great if you want to help users organize their shopping experience while gaining unique insights into which products are gaining the most attention.

Pricing:  $59

How to Build a Multilingual Website With WoodMart and WPML


the7 theme

The7 is a multipurpose WordPress theme with many customization features. It includes 30+ Elementor widgets, with unique features to expand WooCommerce capabilities. The theme also offers powerful design controls for styling widgets and includes functionality that extends Elementor’s Theme Builder. 

Here are some standout widgets by The7: 


The Breadcrumbs widget lets you show users their current location on the site. This widget is highly customizable, with styling options like text and link color, font, text size, and separator symbol. 

While breadcrumbs make it easier for users to navigate your site, they also contribute to SEO. For example, by using the right schema markup, search engines can pick up your breadcrumbs and display them in SERPs. This helps users understand exactly where on your website they’re going to land.


The Popup widget allows you to display post or product content within a popup on your site. It’s useful for showcasing additional product details, discounts, or newsletter signups in an engaging manner, without having to navigate to another page.

This widget works with Elementor’s template builder for creating popups. So, it’s highly flexible and can support any content you want; static, dynamic, images – anything.

Multipurpose Carousel

The Multipurpose Carousel widget allows you to create various carousel layouts, including the use of headings, texts, icons, images, and buttons. You can also adjust the number of columns, gaps between columns, and the overall width of the carousel for different devices. 

Additional functionality includes customizing your navigation buttons, with the option to choose between left-right arrows, bullet points, or rectangles.

Pricing:  $39

How to Build a Multilingual Website With The7 and WPML


OceanWP theme

OceanWP is a powerful WordPress theme with extensive features. It includes over 100+ Elementor widgets, hundreds of website templates, and a huge library of templates to quickly build your website. 

Here are some standout OceanWP widgets:

Magazine Widgets

The Magazine Widgets help you quickly create content layouts with predefined styling options. Each styling option includes its own widget (currently 5 available) that when placed on a page, instantly populates content into a grid or list design. All widgets include additional styling options that eliminate the need to use any custom CSS. 

This widget is perfect if you want to create complete layout designs in seconds, with full flexibility to customize designs further to match your website style.

Info Box

The Info Box widget lets you display information inside a customized container. You can include headings, text, images, and call-to-action buttons, with styling options like setting a background color, font family, and hover animations. 

If you’re looking to quickly add containers with content, and want fast customization, this is the widget for you.

Image Comparison

The Image Comparison widget allows users to view two overlaid images and interactively slide between them to visually compare the differences.

The widget includes three interaction options to move the slider: drag, hover, and click. You can also apply shading and blur effects to draw users’ attention so they interact with the image.

Pricing:  $0 – $127 / year

How to Build a Multilingual Website With OceanWP and WPML

Jupiter X

Jupiter X is a feature-rich theme designed for WordPress and WooCommerce sites. It offers extensive customization capabilities, a form and popup builder, over 100+ widgets, 450+ pre-built website templates, and the ability to create and manage custom post types. 

Here are some standout JupiterX widgets: 

Form Builder

The Form Builder lets you easily build advanced WordPress forms. It features a drag-and-drop editor, over 12+ field types, and plenty of customization options to style your forms. If you want to build a membership site, you can also create registration forms with quick social login buttons, like Sign up with Google. You can also let users submit their own content to your site, and moderate which content gets published. 

Product Carousel

The Product Carousel widget lets you showcase products in a visually appealing and interactive way. It supports multiple pre-made layouts, styling customization, and custom animations, like flip images on hover. The Product Carousel offers multiple elements, including images, descriptions, prices, ratings, and CTA buttons. You can also display custom tags, like ‘On sale!’ and ‘New!’, as well as choose among a number of navigation options; left-and-right arrows, radio buttons, mouse drag, or none. 

WooCommerce Smart Coupons

WooCommerce Smart Coupons lets you create and manage personalized deals for visitors based on their shopping behavior, cart details, and demographics. You can create coupons for specific products, customize their appearance, and choose where to display them on your website. To improve engagement, you can also target coupons based on more than 35 conditions, like cart items, user country, device, signup date, and more. 

Pricing:  $59

How to Build a Multilingual Website With Jupiter X and WPML


Phlox theme

Phlox is a multipurpose, lightweight WordPress theme designed for a variety of websites. It offers 30+ Elementor widgets, hundreds of demo sites, a real-time customizer, and dozens of pre-designed templates. 

Here are some standout widgets by Phlox:

Phlox Video

The Phlox Video widget lets you easily add videos to your website. Supported formats include YouTube, Vimeo, or your own media library. Like any Elementor widget, you can place Phlox Video anywhere on your website. 

The advantage of using this widget is its advanced settings, like options for autoplay, looping, and choosing a cover image. You can also control the video’s height, width, and play button color.

Phlox Flexible Posts

The Phlox Flexible Posts widget lets you display content based on a custom design you create with the Elementor template builder. You can display static or dynamic content, and include any elements in your layout. 

Using this widget, you can create unlimited designs to showcase anything on your website.

Phlox Modern Heading

The Phlox Modern Heading lets you display text in various styles. Using a single element, you can add a main heading, secondary heading, description, and divider line. Each part can be styled individually, with options for styling the main element, including padding, margin, border radius, background, hover effect, and animation

Pricing:  0$ – $39

How to Build a Multilingual Website With Phlox and WPML


Sydney is a multipurpose and lightweight theme for WordPress. It offers 20+ Elementor widgets, excellent performance with fast loading times, and advanced customization for layouts and headers. 

Here are some standout Sydney widgets:

Advanced Carousel

The Advanced Carousel widget allows you to build custom sliders with as many slides as you want. Each slide can be an image, video, custom code, or an Elementor template. The widget offers advanced configuration options, like autoplay, transition speed, pause on hover, and infinite looping. It also includes full customization controls for styling the carousel’s appearance and its navigation arrows.


The Tooltip widget lets you add helpful tooltips to any Elementor widget on your website. This feature is useful for providing additional information to visitors without cluttering your layout. Configuration options include controlling triggers (hover or click) position, and appearance to align the tooltip with your design needs.

Mailchimp Widget

The Mailchimp widget lets you add a newsletter subscription form anywhere on your website. The widget directly connects with your Mailchimp account, so some Mailchimp settings can be configured directly within the Elementor page builder. 

For example, you can specify the audience subscribers should be added to in the widget settings. This simplifies how you set up forms, and lets you easily make changes without having to log into Mailchimp.

Pricing:  $55 – $199 / year

How to Build a Multilingual Website With Sydney and WPML


TheGem theme

TheGem is a powerful WordPress theme designed for flexible customization. Considered the “Swiss Army Knife of WordPress themes”, TheGem includes 30+ Elementor widgets, hundreds of pre-built sites and templates, and extensive layout options. 

Here are some standout widgets by TheGem:

Tabs Styles

The Tabs Styles widget allows you to group and display content in a compact, user-friendly tabbed interface. Tabs are responsive and available in multiple designs. For example, you can include tab buttons above, below, and beside your content. You can also add any content you want inside your tabs: text, images, interactive graphs, sliders, and buttons. 

There is no limit to how many tabs you can create. And with the highly customizable styling options, any design imaginable is possible. 

Products by Status

The Products by Status widget lets you display products depending on a specific attribute. For example, you can display products with discounts, best sellers, top-rated ones, or from a specific category. You can also customize the display layout, choosing to showcase products in a grid, slider, or custom design. 

On hover, you can choose to display additional information, like title, price, and rating. Or, display a new image in place of the default one using a smooth transition.

Pricing:  $59

How to Build a Multilingual Website With TheGem and WPML


RealHome theme

RealHomes is a WordPress theme designed specifically for real estate websites. It offers pre-made layouts for displaying property listings and agent profiles. It also has a complete dashboard for managing your listings, accepting property submissions from users, and offering memberships. 

Here are some standout RealHomes widgets: 

Custom Header and Footer

Custom Header and Footer lets you create headers and footers with Elementor templates. You can add any element, including text, images, buttons, navigation menus, and other Elementor widgets. You can also customize elements to match your brand style, including font, text color, background, padding and margin, borders, and more. 

The Custom Header and Footer is included in the free version of Elementor, making it a perfect solution for building customized sites at a low budget. 

Advanced Search Form

The Advance Search Widget lets visitors perform detailed property searches using different filters. This includes property type, location, price, size, number of beds, baths, and more. In addition to powerful search functionality, you can also customize the widget appearance using color, padding, and margin. 

Pricing:  $69

How to Build a Multilingual Website With RealHomes and WPML


Biaggioti theme

Biagiotti is a WordPress theme specifically made for beauty and cosmetics websites. It offers 60+ Elementor widgets, multiple shop layouts, customizable headers, and various blog styles. 

Here are some standout Biagiotti widgets:

Product Carousel

The Product Carousel widget lets you display products in a pre-designed horizontal layout. You can customize the carousel to include an image, title, product category, price, and rating. Additionally, you can also add tags, like “new”, or “on sale.” 

Each product item also includes an add-to-cart button, save to wishlist, and ‘view more’ functionality that opens a popup with additional details and a purchase button. Overall, this carousel includes everything you need to feature products on your website and drive sales.

Product Exhibition

The Product Exhibition widget allows you to beautifully showcase your products in a grid layout. When hovering over a product, additional details appear: title, price, rating, add-to-cart, wishlist, and learn more button. 

If you’re looking for a new way to stand out and showcase your products, the Product Exhibition widget has you covered.

Pricing:  $69

How to Build a Multilingual Website With Biagiotti and WPML

Notable Mention:

Hello Elementor

Hello Elementor theme

Hello Elementor is a multi-purpose, lightweight theme created by the Elementor team. Although it doesn’t have any of its own custom widgets, it includes standard widgets that come with the Elementor page builder. For the complete list, visit the Elementor Widgets page.

Pricing:  free

How to Build a Multilingual Website With Hello Elementor and WPML

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