In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a multilingual site with Canvas and WPML.

Contents of this tutorial

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Required Plugins

To run a multilingual Canvas site with WPML, you will need:

  • Canvas theme
  • A recent version of WPML, including the String Translation and Translation Management modules.

Getting started

These are the main steps you need to follow to get started:

  • Install the Canvas theme and activate it.
  • Install and activate the WPML plugins (WPML Multilingual CMS, WPML String Translation, WPML Translation Management).
  • Set up WPML from WPML->Languages. See our WPML Getting Started Guide for complete reference.

Translating slides

Slides are posts with custom post type ‘slide’, so they are translated like any other post or page in WPML. The pencil icon says that it’s translated (and we can edit). If you see a blue + icon, it means that translation is missing. The + icon will let you add translation.


When we translate the slide to Spanish, it looks like this:


This is how it looks in the front-end:


Translating portfolio and feedback pages

You can translate in a similar way all other custom post types such as portfolios and feedback. For example, here is how to translate feedback:


After translating feedback to Spanish, this is how this feedback will look:


And, here is an example how to translate portfolio:


This is how it looks in the front end:


You will also be probably interested in the process of batch duplication of pages and posts. To use this feature, go to WPML->Translation Management, and from the Translation Dashboard, select the filter you want (Page/Post/Slide/Portfolio Item/Feedback Item), then click the Display button.


Select the pages or posts you want to translate or duplicate. Then, at the bottom of the page, choose the languages for which you want to translate or duplicate, and click the Send documents button.

Translating slide groups and portfolio galleries

Slide groups and portfolio galleries are actually post categories, so simply go to Portfolio->Portfolio Galleries, and follow the procedure described for translating post categories in Translating Post Categories and Custom Taxonomies.

Translating General Texts

Canvas theme comes with a lot of small texts. You can complete any missing translations using WPML’s String Translation module. Follow the instructions for Theme and Plugin Localization. In a nutshell, go to WPML->Theme and Plugin Localization, and click on ‘Scan the theme for strings’. After doing it, you’ll see something like this:


Then, go to WPML->String Translation to actually translate the texts. All Canvas strings are under context ‘woothemes’. You can use the Search tool to quickly find the texts that you need to translate.


For example, this:


will get you this in the front end:


Getting Help

If you need help please head over to our technical forum.

Before posting about issues, we recommend that you review this quick checklist:

  1. Make sure you have the latest versions of the theme and of the WPML plugins, and that they are all activated. These include WPML Multilingual CMS, WPML String Translation and WPML Translation Management.
  2. The problem does not appear if the WPML plugins are deactivated, and it does appear when only the core WPML plugins are activated. In other words, try to make sure that it is an issue of compatibility of Canvas with WPML, since otherwise Canvas support is likely to be able to help you better.

When you report issues, please:

  • Tag your thread with the keyword Canvas. This will help route it to the correct support person.
  • Tell us which URL structure you’re using.
  • List any other major plugins that you’re using.
  • Tell us if you’re seeing PHP or Javascript errors. See how to enable debug mode.