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Resolved in: 2.0.4


We discovered some issues when using the WP All Import plugin to import variable products in multiple languages.

The first problem is when after import you don’t see products at all. This is easy to fix: make sure that you are using the WP All Import plugin with the official Woocommerce extension provided by the authors of WP All Import. You can find it here:

The next problem is the stock status for variable products. Stock status is not synchronized between languages, so when someone buys a variable product in English, the number of items will be decreased only for the English translation.

We are currently working on a fix to resolve the stock status issue and will update this page as soon as the fix is available.


14 Responses to “Issues with WPML All Import and variable products”

    • Hi, this is almost fixed in WPML All Import. But not released yet as we need to test it. If you want I can provide you beta version but you will have to make sure that you have database backup. If you are interested, please create forum ticket here and mention my name and ask whoever will see it, to assign it to me

  1. Hi, i have problems when i try to import the second language.

    Your server terminated the import process
    Read more about how to prevent this from happening again.

    Impossible to do. Tested on 3 diferents servers.


  2. I see the server timing out on the second language import has been going on since March. I opened a ticket almost 2 months ago, trying to find a fix and no one mentioned this. I am willing to test, just please release a fix for the server timing out on second language. Here is the link to my support ticket:

    My client has been waiting on the website for about 2 months now….