A few weeks ago we asked you to help us with importing WordPress Multilingual sites, after that we went on and worked on a solution and now you can already use our new add-on ‘WPML All Import’, which is available on your WPML account Downloads section.

Now we’d like to resolve the other side of that function – we are looking for solutions you are using when exporting WordPress Multilingual sites, again we know many of our clients are using different solutions, probably a very popular scenario is the export / import of a multilingual shop where you also have all kinds of products with their taxonomies that needs to be exported. If you used an exporting tool that worked for you please leave a comment here below.

If you are an author of an export WordPress plugin drop us a line too and we’ll start working together.

9 Responses to “Help us know which export plugin you use for WPML”

  1. The normal WordPress export tool is not made to export posts from all languages and connect between them correctly, it’s not really a bug, more like it’s normal expected behaviour, but…now that you mention it I wonder of we can add that somehow 🙂 We’ll look into that and I’ll update here too.

    • Hi Amit, I know that there is no connection between languages when using the regular export tool.

      I hardly use export, but as far as I can remember, before at least it was possible to do an export of all languages and also per language.
      Furthermore it was then possible to import those xml files into the new site, switching language before importing. I also recall that the language information (again, no connection, but simply the language code) was exported.
      Currently when exporting there is all kinds of stuff wrong and there no longer is a language code added.

      Perhaps I am remembering it all wrong though…

      • Thanks Piet, I have created a ticket and we have a developer looking into that.
        If we can make the WordPress export tool play nicely together with WPML All Import it’ll be a very good for us and we’ll try and make that work. I’ll update you here on the progress.

  2. Hello,
    I use UPDRAFT PLUS to do the import- export or migration of my multilingual website
    it works very smoothly for me, I do not get any trouble at all.
    If this can help anyone ?

    Best regards

  3. Hi I am also very interested to know how to do this. to export posts, custom posts or pages from one site to another and import it with its own assigned language. At the moment I just ruined one of my dev sites (4 language) by deleting all pages as hoped to refresh them all at once with backup copy. So I went importing 50 pages (each language) I have the wpml addon but this has not done a job and I have 200 english pages now(default language) 1. how to do it correctly, 2. what is the correct way of using the wpml addon? when will all this be sorted. many thanks for your help.