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With the launch of WordPress 5.0 just around the corner, we are excited to announce that WPML is completely compatible with its new editor, Gutenberg.

Gutenberg will make it easier to build your content by using blocks instead of relying on shortcodes and HTML to make things work.

WPML 4.1 not only “works” with Gutenberg, but understands the Gutenberg blocks. Now, with WPML and Gutenberg, you get a rich editing experience and a streamlined translation process.

Design once with Gutenberg, translate with WPML

Gutenberg allows writing rich content using blocks. When you design a page with Gutenberg, it includes a combination of “style” and “text.

When you translate with WPML, you only need to edit the texts. WPML will automatically rebuild the Gutenberg designs for translations, so you only need to design once.


WPML makes it easy to translate your Gutenberg content using the Classic Translation Editor, Advanced Translation Editor or through our partner translation services.


We’d love to hear your feedback on using WPML with the new Gutenberg editor. Please leave your comments below!

How can we make WPML better for you?

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12 Responses to “WPML 4.1 Adds Gutenberg Compatibility”

  1. We deinstalled your program, we bought it, it did not work at all, it translated into German. We begged 14 days for help, no one helped, just stupid questions, we will translate by hand and we will write a very frustrated article about it.

    • Hi Ahmed,

      Thanks for the question. What you can do is change your setting for translations under WPML->Settings->How To Translate Posts and Pages to “Create translations manually.”

      You can then use the Gutenberg editor to create your translation.

      • I wish WPML devs would get rid of the nag screens that tell us and our customers to install various extensions because ‘it will make your life easier’. Especially the nag asking people to install Translation Management. The TM addon is a pain the neck and is helpful to relatively few people. Most people who use it hate it. it gets in the way of content creation. Please have your devs remove those nags or at least make it possible for us to disable them through wp-config or let us dismiss them once for ever.

  2. A pleasure to greet you, Jose Luis Mejias writes to you, administrator of the site, we are currently experiencing a database error related to the WPML plugin.

    We require your URGENT support, we are experiencing a strong fall in sales and lost visits.

    We appreciate your response and support.

    Thank you.


    [26-Nov-2018 13:25:49 UTC] WordPress database error Lost connection to MySQL server during query for query
    st.value AS tra,
    st.mo_string AS mo_string,
    s.value AS orig
    FROM wp_icl_string_pages sp
    INNER JOIN wp_icl_string_urls su
    ON = sp.url_id
    INNER JOIN wp_icl_strings s
    ON = sp.string_id
    LEFT JOIN wp_icl_string_translations st
    AND st.language=su.language
    AND s.language!=su.language
    WHERE (su.language=’es’ and su.url='([^/]+)(?:/([0-9]+))?/?$’) or (su.language=’es’ and su.url IS NULL)

    • Hello Jose,
      could you please open a ticket in our support forum with all the details? We cannot do much in comments.