By default, WordPress allows you to categorize your posts and pages into Categories and Tags. These are called taxonomies. However, many sites also feature additional, custom taxonomies. For example, posts belonging to a “Book” post type might feature a “Genre” taxonomy to help you categorize your book posts. WPML allows you to easily translate taxonomies.

Custom taxonomy when editing a Book custom post

Custom taxonomy when editing a Book custom post

Translating Tags and Categories

Default WordPress taxonomies called Categories and Tags are translatable by default. This means that sending posts to translation will include them as well. Translators will be able to translate any Tags and Categories associated with your posts.

If you prefer translating Categories and Tags manually, go to the WPML -> Taxonomy Translation page. There, use the drop-down menu to select Categories or Tags. Depending on your selection, a list of Categories or Tags appear. In the list of languages, click the “+” button next to the item you wish to translate.

Manually translating Categories and Tags

Manually translating Categories and Tags

Translating custom taxonomies

To be able to translate custom taxonomies, you need to set them as “translatable” in WPML.

To make you custom taxonomies translatable, go to the WPML -> Translation Management page and click on the Multilingual Content Setup tab. There, scroll to the Custom taxonomies section and set your custom taxonomy to Translate.

Making your custom taxonomies translatable

Making your custom taxonomies translatable

Finally, you need to resend all contents that feature these custom taxonomies for retranslation. Now, translators will be able to see and translate these taxonomies from the translation editing page.

Alternatively, you can translate the taxonomies yourself, on the WPML -> Taxonomy Translation page.

Translating the taxonomy by yourself

Translating the taxonomy yourself

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