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Originally written
March 22, 2018
February 7, 2020

WPML lets you arrange languages in folders and domains. Learn how it works and find what’s best for you.

You can choose to separate between languages using a language argument in the URL, in virtual folders or different domains (or sub-domains). Internally, all languages are saved in one WordPress database, but for visitors languages can appear to be in different sites.

Language URL Options

Languages in directories

Languages in directories are easy to set up and are clear to both visitors and search engines. See what’s needed to use it.

Languages in directories

Server setting for languages in directories »

Languages in domains

You can place different languages in different subdomains, or completely independent domains. Learn how to configure your DNS and web server to allow languages in domains.

Languages in domains

Server settings for using languages in domains »

Directory for the site’s default language

Want to display the default language in a directory too? WPML lets you do this and allows you to select what to display in the site’s root URL.

Directory for default language
Directory for a default language


Placing the site’s default language in a directory