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June 14, 2024

Learn how to translate WP Residence with WPML and create a multilingual real estate website.

On This Page:

Getting Started

Start by installing and activating the following:

Adjusting Multilingual Theme Settings

To avoid issues related to displaying the same category several times on the front-end, go to WPMLLanguages. Under the Make themes work multilingual section, unselect the Adjust IDs for multilingual functionality and click the Save button.

Disabling the Adjust IDs for multilingual functionality option

Translating Posts, Custom Posts, and Pages

To translate posts, custom posts, or pages with WPML:

  1. Go to WPMLTranslation Management.
  2. Select your page, post, or custom post.
  3. Choose a language and send it for translation.

If you can’t find some custom posts, make sure they’re translatable in WPML Settings, under Post Types Translation.

Translating Categories and Tags

To translate categories and tags with WPML:

  1. Go to WPMLTaxonomy Translation and select you taxonomy from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click the plus icon and add your translations.
Translating Agency Categories from a central taxonomy menu

Translating Sliders

WP Residence theme comes with the Slider Revolution plugin. Check out our detailed guide to creating multilingual sliders with Slider Revolution.

Translating Texts From Your Theme and Plugins

Some texts, like those in the contact page details, need to be translated using String Translation. To translate texts with String Translation:

  1. Go to WPMLString Translation
  2. Search for the texts you want to translate and enter your translations.

Known Issues

Right now, there are no unresolved compatibility issues between this theme and WPML. Search all known issues.

Getting help

If you need help translating your site built using WP Residence theme and WPML, visit WPML’s support forum