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October 30, 2020

If you previously completed translations using the Classic Translation Editor or a professional translation service, you can view and use these translations within the Advanced Translation Editor.

The Advanced Translation Editor stores previous translations in its translation memory. Although other sources do not store previous translations in the Advanced Translation Editor’s memory, you do not need to translate a post from scratch if you switch to using the Advanced Translation Editor.

How to view previous translations in the Advanced Translation Editor

To use the Advanced Translation Editor, please be sure to enable it in WPMLSettings for both new content and content created with the Classic Translation Editor.

Selecting the Advanced Translation Editor for both new and old content

After updating the page you would like to translate and adding it to the translation basket, choose a local translator rather than a professional translation service.

Choosing myself as the translator for this translation job, not a translation service

When you open the translation job, it will open in the Advanced Translation Editor.  It might look as if you need to retranslate the whole page. Click the translation icon below the translation window to view previous translations from other sources:

Page previously translated by a professional translation service. The translation fields are blank when opening it in the Advanced Translation Editor.

A dialog with previous translations will pop-up. To use these translations, simply copy and paste the text into the appropriate translation fields. These will then be saved in the Advanced Translation Editor’s translation memory for future use.

Displaying previous translations

Switching back to using a professional translation service

If you use a professional translation service in the future after adding or editing translations within the Advanced Translation Editor, these changes will need to be retranslated by them. Their translation memories only save what has been translated through their service. This may add to your translation expenses.