Originally written
February 6, 2019
February 6, 2019

When you update the original page you don’t need to translate everything again. Instead, you translate only certain parts of the new content.

What needs to be retranslated depends on the translation method you use. Using the Advanced Translation Editor or one of the professional translation services works best.

Translation methodWhat needs to be retranslated
WordPress editor or a page builder (manual translation)Entire page needs to be retranslated.
WPML’s Classic Translation EditorPage body has to be retranslated. Strings and short segments do not need to be retranslated because they are saved by WPML.
Advanced Translation Editor or the professional translation serviceOnly edited sentences need to be retranslated.

WPML only keeps track of translations in one “direction”

WPML compares the translations to the content in the default language. If you change the original content, WPML will “remember” the existing translations. This means you will only need to translate the new parts of it.

Changing the translation method

You might decide to change the translation method back to Classic Translation Editor or even WordPress editor. In this case, again, all edits done directly on translations will be lost. All edits done on the original page will have to be retranslated.