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January 11, 2022

You can connect all your registered sites, including sub-sites in the same multisite setup, to share packages of automatic translation credits or simplify your invoices using one pay-as-you-go account. Connecting multiple sites also shares their translation memory and glossary.

Some benefits of connecting your sites:

  • Thanks to a shared translation memory, you never pay to translate the same sentence twice – no matter which site it appears on.
  • You can keep your terminology and important phrases consistent across all your sites with a shared glossary.
  • There’s only one pay-as-you-go invoice to keep track of.
  • If you buy a package of credits, you can use those credits on any of your registered sites without needing to assign them to each individual site.

How to Connect Your Sites

You connect your sites using a migration code. This can be found by going to WPMLTranslation Management and clicking the Automatic Translation tab. Click Settings and expand the Connected sites menu.

Copying the migration code to share another site’s automatic translation credits or pay-as-you-go account

Then, enter that migration code by following the same steps on your other site. Click Enter the connection key of another site and paste the migration code you copied.

If one of your sites already has a pay-as-you-go account set up, there is no migration code available to copy. Instead, you have to enter the migration codes of your other sites by clicking Connect other site.

Entering another site’s migration code to share a site’s pay-as-you-go setup

Unable to Connect Sites?

In some cases, the system might prevent you from connecting sites. Here are a couple of reasons why this might happen.

You Cannot Merge Sites That Both Have Active Accounts

If both sites have active, separate accounts for automatic translation you need to:

  1. Cancel the account on one of these two sites.
  2. Wait for the charge to be triggered for the canceled account (usually takes about an hour).
  3. Pay final invoice for the canceled account.
  4. Get the migration code from the site with the canceled account and enter it into the site with the still active account.

You Cannot Connect Sites That Have An Outstanding Invoice On the Automatic Translation Account

If a site has an unpaid invoice you will have to pay it before being able to connect the site to another.

How to Disconnect Sites

To disconnect a site:

  1. Go to WPMLTranslation Management and click the Automatic Translation tab.
  2. Click Payment & Settings and expand the Connected sites dropdown.
  3. Click the trash or unlink icon next to the site you would like to disconnect.
Disconnecting sites that share automatic translation credits or a pay-as-you-go account

Remember: connected sites also share their translation memories and glossaries with each other.

When disconnecting a site, you need to decide what to do with your site’s translation memory and glossary.

  • Move – The site you’re disconnecting retains the translation memory and glossary, and they are removed from the remaining sites.
  • Nothing – Leaves the site’s associated translation memory and glossary with the previously connected sites. This restarts the translation memory and glossary from scratch for the site you’re disconnecting.
Choosing what to do with your site’s translation memory and glossary when disconnecting a site