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Nothing with Riffaz but we need urgently support...We worked in past with the wonderful Yvette! Alessandro
He is calm and polite...and he solved my problem last time! MassimoS-6
I'm not satisfied at all about his help in my previous ticket RanaN
The best so far. ZsoltE-2
his shirt Mayer
I'd rather not be assigned to Riffaz or Bruno. I have not had much success with them in previous tickets. AlexanderA
exceptional attention to detail Bryan
He is not very helpful. AlexanderA
I got a hunch he didn't understood my last problem at all GregorK-3
Hi riffaz, i still have some problems with WPML on my site. I don't able to activate for example "Icanlocalize" service on my WPML installation, but if you check i'm also don't able to activate any translation services. At the end, as already explain to you in the previous ticket, I want to activate some services that work for me and help me to translate automatically every woocommerce product or wordpress pages of my site into the other languages that i have set during the WPML installation. Currently if i try to press the button "activate" for transaltion services like "icanlocalize" it dind't work and the installation didn't take effect into my site. Could you help me to solve this issue? Br Emilio EmilioM-10

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