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Learn how to translate WordPress sites with BLEND and WPML. Discover which translation services BLEND offers, and how to get started with WPML.

Service Offered

What is BLEND?

BLEND is a global localization service provider helping global brands establish a native presence in fundamentally different markets, worldwide. BLEND’s AI-driven technology stack, the diversity of its team, and its talented global community of linguists allows them to excel in providing high-quality localization services.

Translate with BLEND and WPML

WPML’s Translation Management dashboard makes it easy to translate your website with BLEND. Simply select which content you want to translate, into what languages, and send to BLEND.

Get started with BLEND

To translate with BLEND and WPML, you need WPML’s Multilingual CMS or Multilingual Agency plan, and a BLEND account.

Once you create your accounts, you need an access token to connect WPML with BLEND.

BLEND reviews

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5 stars

Exceptional localization services!

I wanted to express my satisfaction with BLEND’s exceptional localization services! As a business owner, expanding my website’s reach globally was a priority, and BLEND exceeded my expectations at every turn. Their keen attention to cultural nuances, expert translation, and seamless technical execution resulted in a website that resonated authentically with diverse audiences. The team’s professionalism, personalized approach, and unwavering commitment to excellence make BLEND the go-to choice for any business seeking successful international expansion. I wholeheartedly recommend their services! Sincerely, Chris

Since 2008