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WPML Core and Add-on Plugins

WPML is made of a core plugin and add-ons. The core WPML Multilingual CMS is always required. You can install any combination of the add-on plugins for additional functionality.

Available in both the multilingual Blog and Multilingual CMS packages.

Available in the Multilingual CMS package only.

WPML Multilingual CMS

The core plugin turns WordPress multilingual. It adds the basic translation controls and allows translating content.

WPML Media Translation

This plugin allows using the WordPress Gallery in different languages. You can control which images will display for each language.

WPML String Translation

The String Translation plugin allows to translate interface strings directly from within WordPress without having to use .mo files.

The String Translation plugin allows more than just translating static texts. It also lets you translate user-generated texts that are outside of posts and pages. For example, the tagline and SEO data.

WPML Translation Management

When your clients receive their newly created multilingual site, your work ends and their work begins. The Translation Management plugin helps site admins manage their translation work. They will turn normal users into translators, send jobs to them and track progress of the site’s translation status.

WPML Translation Analytics*

Managing translation can be hard work, especially if your site has a lot of content and you’re using several translators. The Translation Analytics module makes it easy. You’ll get concise reports about the current status of your site’s translation, and see progress over time.

*As of WPML 3.2 this is no longer a separate module. It is included in WPML Translation Management.


Lets you send content to translation services or freelance translators using the industry-standard XLIFF interface. The XLIFF interface extends WPML’s Translation Dashboard allowing you to send documents and receive them in XLIFF format.

*As of WPML 3.2 this is no longer a separate module. It is included in WPML Translation Management.

WPML Sticky Links

The Sticky Links plugin keeps internal links from ever breaking. It automatically tracks linked pages in your site and keeps all incoming links up-to-date. When you change permalink structure, hierarchy and even page slugs, all incoming links update immediately.

WPML CMS Navigation

The CMS Navigation plugin adds navigational elements which you can use when building the site. This includes a breadcrumbs trail, drop-down menus and sidebar navigation.